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Colin Cowherd’s Hot Take: Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl Push With Jordan Love Trumps Aaron Rodgers’ Jets Campaign


Aaron Rodgers is Giving Tips to Jordan Love to Extract Revenge from Brock Purdy's 49ers & Green Bay QB is All Game; "Attempt to Carry on His Legacy"

Will the Packers be a better Super Bowl-suited team than the Jets next season? NFL Analyst Colin Cowherd sure thinks so. According to Cowherd, the Jets are using Aaron Rodgers as tape to fix a major leak in their roster. After that didn’t pan out for them last season, the Jets will be looking to bank on Rodgers again next season, without fixing the glaring holes in their roster.

On his podcast ‘The Herd,’ the analyst put forth the opinion that Rodgers’s successor in Green Bay, Jordan Love is actually better off with the Packers than Aaron is with the Jets. With a strong o-line and the advantage of youth behind him, Cowherd believes Jordan Love has a better chance at the Super Bowl next season than the veteran QB. He said,

“Jordan Love is a better player today than Aaron Rodgers. That is not a hot take. He has better receivers, a better coach, a better organization, a weaker conference, and a better offensive line. If you wanna talk about Aaron Rodgers, talk about the team he left and how good they are.”

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On the wrong side of 40 years old and coming off an Achilles tear, the future Hall of Famers’ performance in 2024 is still a wild card, regardless of whether the Jets acknowledge it. Furthermore, Cowherd isn’t even sure Rodgers has done enough to give himself the best chance to make the needle move in New York.

Coming off last season and how many hits Zac Wilson took, fixing the O-line was going to be the big ticket item for the Jets ahead of the next season. And while they have beefed up their offense in the off-season, it might still not be good enough for a team with a QB who is coming off a severe injury. Meanwhile, Jordan Love could be poised for another playoff run.

Jordan Love’s Dynamite First Season as Starter

Love spent three years being the backup to Aaron Rodgers. When he finally got the opportunity to start for the team, he managed to outdo Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre in at least one respect. The 25-year-old managed to make it to the playoffs as a first-year starter, something that had eluded both Rodgers and Favre.

Despite a slow start in the season, Love secured the second spot in the NFL with 32 touchdown passes and notably improved his completion rate to 64.2%. Additionally, he amassed 4,159 passing yards, ranking seventh overall, not bad for a first-year starter. Love, for the most part, has credited Rodgers’ guidance as a major factor in his relatively successful first season. How will these two measure up next season?

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