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Dak Prescott Takes Sly Dig at Dolphins & Eagles in Latest Lead From Behind Campaign; “Gonna Get a Lot of $h!t for This”


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Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott has taken the internet by storm in his new viral campaign for ‘Lead From Behind.’ The witty video campaign involves the QB trolling the Dolphins, Eagles, and the trolls themselves while raising awareness for colon cancer. The QB shared a video encouraging people above the age of 45 to get checked for colon cancer by collecting poop samples and captioned it aptly: “Probably gonna get a lot of $h!t for this.”

Using animal stickers to put on the collection containers, the QB managed to take shots at the Cowboys’ rival teams the Dolphins and the Eagles, and even the referees, while indulging in a lot of poop-based puns! The fans were all for this campaign and stormed the comments with support for the QB and his message, and even Eagles fans could appreciate the sh*t talking for a good cause:

Lead From Behind is a colon cancer awareness campaign that utilizes celebrity power through witty videos with virality potential for its mission. Prescott’s video wittily uses the concept of sh*t-talking to get the message across. With the NFL season in full swing, and sh*t talk raging among the players, Prescott turned talking sh*t into a positive thing and underscored the importance of screening for colon cancer prevention.

Dak Prescott’s Mother Passed Away From Colon Cancer

While the public service announcement is all fun and games, colon cancer awareness is a deeply personal issue for Prescott. The QB lost his mother to colon cancer in 2013 and said, “Losing my mother to colon cancer was devastating, and no one should have to go through that.”

Colon cancer is the second deadliest cancer in the US, however, it is highly preventable and treatable with screening, and that is the aim of the Lead From Behind campaign, spearheaded by Ryan Reynold’s marketing agency Maximum Effort and Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The campaign has seen the likes of Rob McElhenney, and Terry Crews encourage people to visit and to spread awareness about screening.

The Cowboys QB also has a colon cancer screening and research pillar of his ‘Faith Fight Finish Foundation,’ which aims to empower individuals, families, and communities to find strength through adversity. Prescott established the foundation as a tribute to his mother Peggy after she lost her battle with colon cancer.

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