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Davante Adams: I’m a Generational Talent, Not a Product of Aaron Rodgers

Yagya Bhargava

Davante Adams: I’m a Generational Talent, Not a Product of Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams has long been viewed as merely a product of Aaron Rodgers’ success, but after his first year in Las Vegas, Adams quickly shut down that notion by boldly stating, “A quarterback don’t make me, I make me.” This quote triggered a lot of discussion, and Adams is doubling down on that sentiment now.

When Emmanuel Acho asked about the motivation behind his earlier words on SPEAK, Adams voiced his opinion directly. The star receiver explained that he’s a straightforward person who wanted to make it clear that his status as one of the NFL’s top wideouts stems from his own hard work and talent.

While acknowledging that playing with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers can elevate one’s game, Adams firmly believes his success isn’t defined by who’s throwing him the ball. He said assertively,

Everybody thought that maybe he’s just a product of Aaron Rodgers. That’s just me saying ‘I’m absolutely not.’ I am my own player. I’m a generational talent and I take a tremendous amount of pride in what I do, which is what led to me being the player that I am.”

Adams recognized the role a strong supporting cast plays in elevating success, both with the Packers and now the Raiders. However, he did emphasize that his achievements result from years of dedicated effort.

Interestingly enough, Adams revealed he had discussed this very topic with Rodgers himself. Both players agreed on Adams’ stance, with the receiver feeling that people blew things out of proportion after his statement. His words weren’t meant to diminish Rodgers’ impact but to assert his own individual prowess on the field.

When Emmanuel Acho probed whether the perception of being in Aaron Rodgers’ shadow motivated his move to the Raiders, Adams was quick to dismiss that perception.

Davante Adams Reveals Whether He Left The Packers To Get Out Of Aaron Rodgers’ Shadow

Davante Adams continued to shed light on his career decisions during his appearance on “SPEAK.” On whether or not he decided to leave the Packers due to Rodgers, Adams firmly denied it. He explained, “It truly wasn’t. It was more of a by-product of it.”

He expressed his gratitude for his stellar 2020 season alongside Rodgers, where he led the league in receiving touchdowns and receptions.

However, Adams emphasized that proving his individual worth was never the driving force behind his departure from Green Bay.

Regardless, the WR’s first season with the Raiders was nothing short of impressive. Adams went on to lead the league in receiving touchdowns once again and also earned First-team All-Pro honors. Adams accepted that he could have stayed with the Packers and continued to put up impressive numbers with Aaron Rodgers, but he believed that his move to Las Vegas was simply how circumstances unfolded.

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