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Dave Helman Prophesizes Justin Fields Curating Meaningful Plays for Steelers Despite Russell Wilson’s Presence

Yagya Bhargava

Dave Helman Prophesizes Justin Fields Curating Meaningful Plays for Steelers Despite Russell Wilson's Presence

Plenty of NFL analysts have weighed in on the intriguing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback room featuring veteran Russell Wilson and rising star Justin Fields. However, SPEAK’s Dave Helman offered a particularly compelling perspective on how he sees the battle playing out.

Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers naming Wilson the starter, Helman fully expects Fields to see meaningful game action in the upcoming season. His rationale? Fields’ mindset and approach simply won’t allow him to settle for backup duty. He hypothesized,

I said it on this show previously. I think Justin Fields is going to wind up playing meaningful snaps for the Pittsburgh Steelers.” He added, “I hope that Russell Wilson doesn’t get hurt but I won’t be surprised if Justin Fields is called on at one point like Mike Tomlin did this past season.”

Dave Helman further highlighted that Justin Fields is not the type to just be happy practicing with the team. The former Bears quarterback has been a starter for a long time, and that’s what he’ll be gunning for.

He further pinpointed the daunting schedule Pittsburgh faces, especially after their Week 12 bye. A gauntlet featuring the defending champion Chiefs, the Eagles, the Bengals, and others in one of the league’s toughest divisions might just force Tomlin to employ both QBs.

For Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin to successfully navigate that murderer’s row, Helman believes he’ll have no choice but to utilize Fields’ talents extensively. Carefully managing both QBs will require very well-thought-out plans from Pittsburgh if they hope to reach the playoffs.

The good news is that Fields seems to be approaching the upcoming season with the same mentality that’s taken him this far.

Justin Fields Prepared to Challenge Wilson For The Starting  Position?

When the Steelers acquired Justin Fields back in March, the plan seemed simple – he would serve as veteran Russell Wilson’s backup in Pittsburgh. However, head coach Mike Tomlin has since opened the door to a full-blown quarterback competition.

While affirming that Wilson remains in the “pole position” as the presumed starter, Tomlin emphasized that Fields will indeed have the opportunity to compete for that coveted QB1 role.

As OTAs kicked off this week, Fields made it crystal clear he plans to seize that opportunity with both hands.

I’m definitely competing, Russ knows that. We’re competing against each other every day. … I definitely don’t have the mindset of me just sitting all year. I’m coming in every day giving it all I’ve got — pushing him to be his best, and he’s pushing me to be my best each and every day.” Said Fields after meeting with reporters on Tuesday.

Tomlin entertaining an open competition makes logical sense. After all, the 35-year-old Wilson has regressed significantly since his Pro Bowl days in Seattle, a decline that led the Broncos to move on despite still owing him $39 million guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Justin Fields also failed to meet lofty expectations in Chicago after being selected 11th overall in 2021. With the Bears moving forward with Caleb Williams, no team except the Steelers was willing to gamble assets on Fields’ $25.6 million fifth-year option.

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