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Days After Denver Exit, Jerry Jeudy Goes Off on “Fake NFL Gurus”

Utsav Khanna

Days After Denver Exit, Jerry Jeudy Goes Off on "Fake NFL Gurus"

Jerry Jeudy followed Russell Wilson right out of Denver. Although he was an integral part of their offense, the future value he’s have demanded plus the trashy situation with Wilson’s salary cap lead them to get off Jeudy while he was at the peak. This gives them a fifth and sixth round pick this year as they begin their rebuild. And the star WR moves into a much more explosive offense in Cleveland.

But his exit was soured by a lot of veterans saying he was traded due to a lack of performance. Steve Smith Sr’s video, lambasting his Jeudy for the performances put up in Denver. And then came another hot take by former Bronco Mark Schlereth, who said, “he’s just not a great football player.”  Although, the Browns did sign him for a whopping $41 million which says that they do have a lot of faith in him.

For days Jeudy was silent on the matter. But now he has spoken up. He began it all with this:

And didn’t hold back after that:

Without naming anyone, he made his stance clear on some of the former players turned talking heads:

He was not happy with the assessment put forward by such notable voices. Both Smith and Schlereth have a robust platform on socials as well as traditional channels. Their opinion is actually heard by a lot of people and clearly stuck a chord with Jeudy as well. He ended by saying:

The twitter tiff did not end there. Schlereth got back at Jeudy although the wide receiver was not very impressed.

Mark Schlereth Responds to Jerry Jeudy’s Rant

Schlereth was quick to respond but did not leave Jeudy impressed. Here’s their exchange:

To which Jeudy replied:

The back and forth ended there. But the beef between these media personnel and Jeudy has just begun. This plus Steve Smith Sr also going at him in the past shows that Jeudy will have a new found motivation to prove them wrong. And with little to no success found in Denver, Jerry will be looking to change his fortune in Cleveland. Will he be able to showcase his potential or will the veterans stand corrected? It will be an interesting season to watch as he plays not for money but for pride and respect.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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