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Days After Netflix Roast, Julian Edelman Sneaks in a Dig at Tom Brady and Ex-Wife Gisele Bündchen

Suresh Menon

Days After Netflix Roast, Julian Edelman Sneaks in a Dig at Tom Brady and Ex-Wife Gisele Bündchen

‘The Roast of Tom Brady’ was perhaps the very first epic collaboration between the sporting world and comedy. The show saw Tom Brady being the subject of brutal jokes and jabs from his teammates and popular comedians. While former Patriots WR Julian Edelman shined amongst the players, it seems his roast fever hasn’t left him quite yet.

On the latest edition of Julian Edelaman’s “Games with Names” podcast, Brady’s former WR invited Drew Bledsoe and had an epic hour-long discussion around the roast. Bledsoe’s admission that a joke around Gisele was vetoed by his wife led to Edelman revealing the Gisele joke that he omitted from the set. The joke was around the divorce and how Gisele ironically must have said “Let’s Go” while taking her kids with her after the divorce. For context – “Let’s Go” is Brady’s catchphrase, also the name of his podcast. The joke went like this:

“We all know what Tom Brady’s favorite term is – Let’s go! The guy trademarked it, it’s the name of his podcast, and it’s also what his wife said when she took the kids and left.”

While it’s undeniable that almost all Gisele-Brady jokes were hilarious, it’s also important to respect Gisele’s boundaries. As per an exclusive by People Magazine, a source close to Gisele revealed that she was “deeply disappointed by the disrespectful portrayal of her family on Sunday evening’s roast show.”

Nikki Glaser had the best Gisele-Brady joke of the night when she made Brady realize that his dumbest mistake ever was to encourage Gisele to learn Jiu-jitsu. “The only thing dumber than saying yes to this roast was when you said, ‘Hey babe, you should try jiu-jitsu,’” said the comic.

Tom Brady also didn’t shy away from taking a dig at his failed marriage when he baited the audience into believing he was missing the love of his life in Gisele but in reality, it was football. “There’s been a lot of jokes tonight, but the truth is I miss the love of my life,” Brady said and paused after the setup. He then delivered the punchline – “Football.”

The adultery rumors surrounding Gisele and her Jiu-Jitsu trainer were heavily targeted throughout the roast. As per Edelman, Kevin Hart was even pondering if he should come out in a jiu-jitsu uniform to open the show. The source close to Gisele admitted that her children were “affected by the irresponsible content”. Hence her focus for now is to support them.

Talking of children, Drew Bledsoe revealed that his daughter was also not amused by some of her father’s jokes about Gisele.

Drew Bledsoe’s Daughter’s Reaction to the Omitted Tom Brady – Gisele Joke

There was one joke on Tom and Gisele which was immediately vetoed by Bledose’s wife for its nasty nature. His wife also ran it past their daughter, whom Bledsoe considers to be the most mature in the family. As expected, she was disgusted by the joke and rolled her eyes over it. She simply hung up the phone in disdain upon hearing it making sure her father knew he should not go ahead with it.

“But the one Gisele joke that didn’t go in, my wife actually told our daughter and it’s a pretty fu*king nasty joke and she goes, ‘okay I got to go’ and hung up the phone. She’s like no, this is not happening. I’m not signing off on this. There’s no way Dad’s saying that!”

Based on the report by “People Magazine”, it seems like due consent wasn’t taken by Brady before heading into the roast. Regardless, it’s understandable why Gisele and the kids must feel disturbed. But if the joke was that gruesome, its probably for the best that Bledsoe decided to keep it to himself.

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