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Deion Sanders Takes a Subtle Dig at Deiondra Sanders’ Boyfriend Jacquees as She Puts Her 18 Week Baby Bump on Display

Anushree Gupta

“I Don’t Like That Though”: Deion Sanders Reacts On the Idea Of Becoming a Grandpa, Days After Daughter Deiondra Confirmed Pregnancy Rumors

Deion Sanders is ready to embark on a new role as a grandpa for Deiondra’s upcoming child. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to lose any of his own childishness. The father of four, and a coach to so many, Deion Sanders isn’t ready to lose his cheeky side. He trolled Deiondara’s child, and it’s not even born yet!

Donning a candy pink matching sweatsuit set and white crop top, Deiondra Sanders posed in the mirror to flaunt her baby bump. The clip included a sneak peek into the baby’s sonogram and the parents-to-be posing with shots of the test. Announcing that her baby is growing healthy, the Sanders woman presented her excitement for a presumed tall baby underway.


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However, amidst the love and support, Deion Sanders’ subtle dig at Jacquees stood out. “Ok we know u got the lil engine in there,” wrote Prime implying that Deiondra’s baby might not be as ‘tall’ as she thinks.

Deion Sanders has dedicatedly supported his daughter through the thick and thin. However, that isn’t going to stop him from being a jokester. He has quipped about the baby’s size, while previously placing a bet on ‘under 5 ft 3 in’ on the baby’s size in a reel. Though the Sanders clan is expected to have an upcoming football or baseball star, Sanders also predicted that the kid might follow in ‘Pele’s’ footsteps and not a football player, in all sarcasm.

Mother-to-be Deiondara Fires Back at Dad with Humor

Like father, like daughter. As Sanders took his subtle dig, Deiondra Sanders did not let the comment slide away without her cheeky reply. Talking about the size of the baby and the long arms as revealed by the sonogram, she expressed her excitement for a ‘big baby with long arms’ in her comments.

“lol lil engine may be big engine soon baby big already and arms long lol,” Deiondra fired back.

Though Jacquees did not make any straight shot at Sanders, he swooped in the comment section as well to exchange pleasantries on the baby’s expected tall stature.

“Yea my baby gone be long I’m so excited,” wrote the rapper.

Though the family melodrama brings humor, the news of a healthy baby brings relief to fans and followers. Despite going through many health issues, Deiondra Sanders has been able to maintain a healthy pregnancy. At 16 weeks earlier, she happily posted about her baby being the size of an ‘avocado’  as she now followed up on the updated ’10 ounce’ weight of the fetus at 18 weeks and 5 days. Arguably, the 31-year-old has gone through immense difficulties with troubled health and relationship but her strength and father Deion Sanders’ support have remained unwavering throughout the journey.

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