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“Don’t Ever LeBron Him” : Renowned NFL Analyst Calls Patrick Mahomes an Abnormally Consistent “Historic Player”

Arjun Sukumaran

Patrick Mahomes

With the NFL season almost over, the playoffs aren’t the only thing the community is looking forward to. Apart from the new setup for the Pro Bowl week this time around, fans are excited to find out who this year’s MVP winner is. What’s more, it seems quite a few have already made up their mind. One such super-fan is NFL analyst Adam Schein, placing his money on Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes.

Schein’s support for Mahomes is understandable: his performance this season has been worthy of commendation. In fact, Mahomes has been the key factor in the Chiefs’ run to a 7th consecutive division title this season. Furthermore, he has established himself as one of the best in the history of the NFL and has already become in the eyes of many, the GOAT. Or GOAT-worthy, at least.

Talking on the ‘That Other Pregame Show’ ahead of the Chiefs’ game against the Denver Broncos, he says how Mahomes’ performances are not normal. He says, “Don’t ever LeBron him. Don’t make what Patrick Mahomes does, ordinary. Patrick Mahomes is a historic player… What Mahomes has done all year long… that’s how I separate Patrick Mahomes from the field for MVP.”

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Patrick Mahomes leading the MVP race as the Chiefs head for the playoffs

The Chiefs made an emphatic statement as they qualified for this year’s playoffs. Winning their division for the 7th time in a row, the message was plain and simple: ‘We have Mahomes, and we’re not looking to scrape our way out of this competition’. The Chiefs look very likely to get their hands on the Super Bowl if they can manage to shrug off the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bills are in close contention with the Chiefs for the number 1 seed in the AFC. With a game in hand, they’ll be hoping the Chiefs slip up in their final game while hoping not to make any of their own on Monday and next week. While it may not matter in the grand scheme of things, a bye-week is always a welcome sight for weary players.

Mahomes’ will also be looking to make up for that lapse in performance against the Broncos on Sunday. Not taking any credit from the Broncos, who played exceptionally well, perhaps for the first time this season. Russell Wilson seems to have found a renewed energy in him, just a couple of days after his teammates came out defending him against the media onslaught. A marked improvement for him, certainly.

All eyes, however, will be on the Chiefs and the Bills for the next two weeks, as the battle for the top spot in the AFC. Who will come out on top? Will this be a premonition for things to come in the AFC Championship path?

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Arjun Sukumaran

Arjun Sukumaran


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