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“Don’t Know Who Came Up With This Dumba*s Question”: Travis Kelce Reacts to Joe Burrow Being Called the “Spiciest White Boy in the NFL”

Sauvik Banerjee

“Dont Know Who Came Up With This Dumba*s Question”: Travis Kelce Reacts To Joe Burrow Being Called the “Spiciest White Boy In the NFL”

Travis Kelce is in the hearts of many people in and outside of the sphere of football. Not only do Swifties keep track of him all year long, but he even appeals to many football fangirls. Despite all the charm, even Travis admits that he isn’t as spicy as Bengals QB Joe Burrow.

Joe Burrow’s cool, calm, and collected demeanor, paired with his sharp looks, make him a mesmerizing personality. Although he is in a relationship with Olivia Holzmacher, girls still can’t stop gushing over the 27-year-old QB.

Burrow recently appeared on the ‘New Heights’ podcast, where his teammate Orlando Brown Jr. was asked who in the NFL was the spiciest white boy. Responding with pure honesty, he named Joe Burrow as the one and only. Travis Kelce, who was sitting right beside the two Bengals players, couldn’t debate it out since he knew it wasn’t him.

“It was Joey B,” Travis said, recalling that episode. “There was no contest. I didn’t even argue with it. I’m just like yeah. I don’t know who came up with this dumba*s question. Everyone knows it was Joey Sheisty.”

Despite not accepting the tag of being the spiciest white boy in the NFL, Travis Kelce certainly steals the show wherever he goes. Recently, he flattered almost everyone at the Kentucky Derby with his pinstripe pattern suit and a bright smile.

Travis Kelce Throws His Intern Under the Bus

The Chiefs’ TE is well aware of his presence in the room, but he made a diplomatic gesture, calling Joe Burrow the spiciest boy in the league during his show. However, Travis unknowingly threw his intern under the bus during the act after labeling the question as ‘dumb’.

Quickly responding to him, Jason Kelce said, “It was intern Brandon” who came up with the cheeky question. Consequently, Travis corrected himself by saying, “We know we need content, Brandon. We get it.”

The debate between the spiciness of Travis Kelce and Joe Burrow seems to be unending, just like the matchups between the Bengals and the Chiefs. Both teams have delivered nothing but pure entertainment every time they have faced each other, and nothing less is expected from them when the two sides meet again in week 2 this season.

It will certainly be a must-watch fixture since Joe Burrow is still undefeated against Patrick Mahomes in the regular season. Mahomes will be going all in to break that streak, and Travis Kelce will be no less than a decisive factor.

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