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Former Eagles CB is Definitely Not Willing to Coach The Dallas Cowboys Next Year

Yagya Bhargava

Former Eagles CB Declares He Isn't Willing to Coach The Dallas Cowboys Next Year

Tensions are mounting in Dallas as head coach Mike McCarthy enters the final year of his contract with the Cowboys. While the franchise has announced they won’t be extending his deal, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are undoubtedly on the lookout for an experienced coach to lead them into the future. However, former Eagles cornerback Herm Edwards is definitely not going to be it.

During a recent segment of “NFL on ESPN,” Edwards, the former Chiefs head coach, joined the crew to discuss the Cowboys’ upcoming season and the areas where they might be lacking. ESPN analyst Field Yates stoked the flames of an age-old rivalry as he sought reassurance from Edwards that he won’t be joining the Cowboys as McCarthy’s replacement.

Directing a comment toward Edwards that left him slack-jawed, Yates said, “Make us a promise Herm that you’re not the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Edwards couldn’t believe his ears and yelled, “You can’t say that to an Eagles player!” as Yates realized the magnitude of his blunder. Co-host Laura Rutledge had to check on the visibly rattled Edwards moments later, asking if he had managed to recover from Yates’ unplanned jab.

Soon after, Edwards proudly brandished an Eagles helmet from his playing days, stating, “You see this? These guys (Eagles) don’t like the Cowboys. They don’t like the Cowboys.

Adam Schefter also chimed in, suggesting that Yates’ remark to a former Eagles player about coaching the Cowboys would be considered “the journalistic equivalent of a fumble.” In any case, Yates did manage to reignite the fierce rivalry between two storied franchises, leaving Edwards to remind everyone of the deep-rooted animosity that still very much exists.

Herm Edwards Opines on The Dallas Cowboys’ Title Draught for 29 Years

During the same segment, before the above conundrum unfolded, former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards weighed in on the Dallas Cowboys franchise, expressing his belief that they lack a winning mentality in the playoffs, a mindset that has prevented them from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for the past 29 years.

Edwards was confident that Dallas would average 12 to 13 wins this season, but the pressure will be squarely on Dak Prescott to deliver in the postseason, given his tally of just two playoff victories in his career.

He’s only got 2 playoff wins. Excuse me, that’s not very good for a quarterback that has a team like the Dallas Cowboys. Dak’s feeling it, but the whole team is also feeling it. Under the bright lights of playoff competition, and I’ve said this numerous times, the stars are very dim, they don’t show up,” Edwards asserted.

With such a dismal playoff record, Edwards believes owner Jerry Jones must be plagued by a nagging reminder echoing in his mind: “It’s been 29 years, Jerry, 29 years.”

Moreover, the Cowboys’ relative inactivity during the offseason, coupled with elite players like Prescott, Micah Parsons, and CeeDee Lamb awaiting contract extensions for months, has led Edwards to speculate that a complete roster overhaul could be on the horizon if the upcoming season doesn’t yield favorable results.

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