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Greg Bedard Boldly Advices Patriots Owner Robert Kraft to Kindly Step Down; “Fans are Demanding Answers”

Aniket Srivastava

Greg Bedard Boldly Advices Patriots Owner Robert Kraft to Kindly Step Down; "Fans are Demanding Answers"

For nearly 20 years, the New England Patriots were a powerhouse in the NFL, thanks to coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. But with Brady gone, the team’s dominance has faded in recent years. And now Belichick’s gone too. With a terrible few years behind them, the Patriots fanbase is looking for some answers and analyst Greg Bedard thinks it’s time for them to answer.

Recently, Bedard appeared on NBC’s “Sports Sunday” and expressed that times have changed for the New England Patriots and highlighted the need for clear answers from the owner. He stressed the fact that fans are seeking transparency from Robert Kraft, especially regarding the team’s performance.

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He recalled a previous interaction with Robert Kraft, where he questioned him about the team’s back-to-back three losing seasons in the last four years. But Kraft just remembered two of them. Bedard explained that this lack of clarity and accountability frustrates fans who are tired of hearing his references to past success.

“Look, times have changed for this franchise. And I think that it is, the fans are demanding answers to a lot of things…. I asked a question, and I said, Robert, you have losing season three of the last four years, and he didn’t recall the third one.”

Robert Kraft took ownership of the Patriots in 1994 and in those 29 seasons, New England has been to 22 playoffs and has made 10 Super Bowl appearances while winning six of them. However, since Tom Brady left in 2020, they have registered 7-9, 10-7, 8-9, and 4-13 win/loss records in the last four years. Moreover, they made just one playoff appearance in 2021 and suffered a disappointing 47-17 loss against the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round. With Belichick now gone too, Kraft is the only common thread, and likely the next target of fans’ wrath if things don’t get better in New England.

Despite acknowledging Kraft’s status and contributions to the team, Bedard further believes it’s time for him to step down gracefully. The current climate demands more accountability for leadership and he should bring forward his son Jonathan Kraft, who happens to be the current president of the Patriots.

Analyst Raises Concern Over Ridley’s Missed Opportunity

Further, in the show, Mike Felger raised concerns about Robert Kraft’s awareness regarding issues within the organization. He pointed out examples where Kraft seemed unaware of important matters, such as working conditions or the NFLPA survey, which raised questions about his effectiveness as an owner. According to Felger, Kraft just isn’t doing enough, evidenced by his inability to bring on Calvin Ridley.

Kraft, recently explained why the team couldn’t sign wide receiver Calvin Ridley. He mentioned that Ridley’s “girlfriend”, Dominique Fitchard, who is actually his wife, preferred living in the South, and there were also concerns about state taxes. However, some people weren’t convinced by this explanation. Albert Breer also doubted Kraft’s ability to handle the team’s challenges effectively.

Before free agency, the Patriots made it clear they were aiming to bring Ridley on board. However, despite their best efforts, Ridley decided to sign a lucrative four-year, $92 million contract with the Tennessee Titans. This shows how the Patriots failed to seal a deal despite they wanted him so badly.

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