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“He is a Philly Fan”: Travis Kelce Candidly Says He Won’t Convert Bradley Cooper to KC Chiefs

Nidheesh Kumar

"He is a Philly Fan”: Travis Kelce Candidly Says He Won’t Convert Bradley Cooper to KC Chiefs

Despite his friendship, Travis Kelce is not planning to convert ‘Maestro’ actor Bradley Cooper to a Kansas City Chiefs fan. The 34-year-old Tight End even has a solid reason to back his decision, and he revealed it during a candid conversation with Access Hollywood on the sidelines of the Kelce Jam.

Celebrating their friendship despite their busy career, Travis and Cooper had a blast at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Paris earlier. However, their strong friendship and the Taylor Swift factor were not compelling reasons for the Hollywood actor to join the legion of Chiefs fans, who want a historic three-peat in 2025. This is because, Cooper is a loyal Eagles fan, who is desperate to witness the Birds’ resurgence.

The veteran actor had genuinely made his priorities clear in 2023 as he chose the Eagles Super Bowl win over The Oscars, during the Howard Stern Show. Cooper’s selfless message denotes his strong affection for the Eagles and Travis clearly wants to respect that.

“He is a Philly fan. I don’t think there is converting any Philly fan to a Chiefs fan. In that way it is Go Birds, but it is Chiefs Kingdom all the way, baby,” he added during the interview.  

Earlier in 2023, Travis and the Chiefs broke Cooper’s heart when they defeated the Eagles 38-35 in the Super Bowl. It was a heartbreaking loss where the fourth quarter made all the difference. Hence, Cooper and Co. will want the Birds under Jalen Hurts to exact revenge in the 2025 Super Bowl. However, it is going to be a hard task as Travis outlined a similar Super Bowl mission. 

Travis Kelce’s Wish List: “Winning Another Super Bowl”

The veteran Chiefs superstar admitted that lifting the Lombardi Trophy is the only wish he had for 2024. Moreover, despite it being the off-season; it is the only thing he is focused on at this very moment.

“Winning another Super Bowl, I guess. That is the only thing I got on my mind in the future. I am working hard in the off-season for it. I know it is something I owe to this organization and the city for the next 2 years. And just give me opportunities to keep playing the game I love,” Travis said, elaborating on his plans. 

The Chiefs are chasing history in the 2024-25 season as they could become the first NFL team to bag a three-peat. The Green Bay Packers achieved the same feat in the pre-NFL era when they won the last NFL Championship game in 1965 and the first two Super Bowls in 1966 and 1967. 

Nevertheless, Cooper and Travis – determined and passionate about their team’s win, will look to perform their roles to perfection when the NFL resumes on September 5.  

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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