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“Honoured & Grateful”: 99 Overall Pat McAfee Hilariously Plays Along After Earning an April Fool’s Special Honor by Madden

Yagya Bhargava

"Honoured & Grateful": 99 Overall Pat McAfee Hilariously Plays Along After Earning an April Fool's Special Honor by Madden

April Fool’s Day brought an unexpected delight for millions of Pat McAfee fans. And the courtesy goes to Madden NFL 24. The developers of the video game took advantage of the special day by hilariously releasing a 99 overall middle linebacker card featuring none other than Pat McAfee himself. When Pat caught wind of the news, he couldn’t help but play along with the joke.

In a recent episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the former Indianapolis Colts took this prank with grace and expressed his many thanks. “Honored and thankful,” he remarked after finding out that he was getting featured in the Madden Ultimate Team. He also made sure to let his fans know that it wasn’t indeed a prank and, while also joking that the entire incident was a genuine recognition of his talent.

I’m happy that they are were at a point where they were doing accurate scoring and accurate rating for everybody. You know, tackling 99. You getting these paws? You’re not going any further.” He quipped.

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Boston Conner, one of the members of the crew, chimed in, highlighting how players in Madden NFL 24 would likely choose McAfee as their middle linebacker. With stellar card ratings, McAfee’s virtual version would offer gamers a competitive edge, whether they’re playing online matches or offline challenges.

While there’s plenty of excitement among MUT enthusiasts about McAfee’s impressive card, there’s a bit of a catch. Unfortunately, the card will only last until April 4th, after which it will see a major drop to 91 OVR. It is indeed a notable downgrade, but not at all too shabby for a freebie.

What Else Does Madden NFL 24 Have In Store For the Fans Besides Pat McAfee’s card?

MUT enthusiasts have even more to celebrate today with the release of a new AKA Crews set featuring the Manning Brothers, in addition to the McAfee April Fool’s Day card. Both Eli and Peyton Manning left an indelible mark on the league. Peyton, on one hand, is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to play in the NFL, while, on the other hand, Eli secured two Super Bowl victories with the New York Giants, both against Tom Brady. However, their ratings in the releases could only cap a 98 OVR despite the remarkable accolades, per Comicbook.

Joining the Manning Brothers in the latest release is a stellar 99 OVR version of cornerback Denzel Ward. But hold onto your helmets, because Madden NFL 24 isn’t done yet! They’ve got plans to drop even more content later this week.

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