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“I Have a Little Bit of a Fear”: Patrick Mahomes Expresses Hesitation in Hosting SNL Like Travis Kelce

Samnur Reza

"I Have a Little Bit of a Fear": Patrick Mahomes Expresses Hesitation in Hosting SNL Like Travis Kelce

Not many NFL players have achieved what Patrick Mahomes has on the gridiron in such a short period. He has done remarkable things off the field as well; however, the two-time MVP is yet to scratch off hosting Saturday Night Live from his bucket list. On the other hand, his best friend, Travis Kelce, has already had that opportunity, yet, just like Mahomes, he had his fair share of doubts before appearing on the show.

Travis, however, outranks Patrick when it comes to screen time on TV programs. His infamous ‘Catching Kelce’ reality show consists of seven episodes. He also flawlessly hosted his first SNL episode last year, right after winning his second Super Bowl. But at first, he did have his doubts. He even said so during his opening monologue: “I’m honored that SNL asked me to host — I was nervous about doing a monologue.

Mahomes, who was recently anointed among TIME‘s top 100 influential people, shares the same doubts. He told the outlet that SNL had already reached out to him to inquire if he was interested in hosting this offseason, but he believes he isn’t ready. He reminisces about his appearance on the ESPYs alongside his wife, Brittany, which left a bad impression on him, and rightfully so. Fans, football enthusiasts or not, piled down on the couple for merely their appearance. Or, perhaps, it was his acceptance speech for the Best Male Athlete award.

He’s also a bit apprehensive about reading from the teleprompter, which could be challenging since the show relies heavily on scripts. “I have a little bit of fear with the teleprompter,” Patrick Mahomes told the outlet. Surely, the Chiefs’ QB will reconsider since it’s something he wants to do before hanging up the cleats. It would be even easier if his trustee target, Travis, were to give him some pointers.

Travis Kelce’s Remarkable Appearance on SNL

Fresh off the Super Bowl win against the Philadelphia Eagles, Killa Trav made a surprising appearance on Saturday Night Live. In his opening monologue, the younger Kelce first took a playful jab at Mahomes by mimicking his muffled voice and then reminisced about facing his big brother in the Big Game, his troublesome college stint, which not only got him suspended but stripped of his QB role, and finally, his ‘Catching Kelce’ reality show.

He took part in several sketches, such as American Girl Cafe, Please Don’t Destroy, Straight Male Friend, Abby the Ex-Girlfriend, Garrett From Hinge, Too Hot to Handle, Family Meeting, and a few more. The episode was an instant hit and became the talk of the town for a while. It’s also worth noting that Travis later made a cameo on SNL when rumors about his linkup with Taylor Swift became mainstream. It was the first sketch of the night, featuring Pete Davidson, as per Variety.

Interestingly, it was Patrick Mahomes who prepped Travis for his first appearance, as per The star tight end is known to have trouble reading; therefore, he had to turn to Mahomes for help. And help Mahomes did. The duo was even spotted practicing the lines in Travis’s dressing room. Perhaps Mahomes doesn’t need pointers; all he needs is confidence.

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