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“I Sprayed Gisele”: Drew Bledsoe Recounts Hilarious Encounter With Tom Brady’s Supermodel Ex-Wife

Yagya Bhargava

“I Sprayed Gisele”: Drew Bledsoe Recounts Hilarious Encounter With Tom Brady’s Supermodel Ex-Wife

Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady’s relationship often gets a bad rap, but in reality, they share a deep respect for each other. Drew recently recounted a hilarious yet heartfelt story involving Tom and his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen. This tale, which Drew finds “really meaningful,” likely brought them even closer.

During a fun conversation with Kay Adams on “Up and Adams,” Drew Bledsoe shared a hilarious skiing trip in Montana from a few years ago. He unexpectedly ran into Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen on the slopes. Drew couldn’t help but tease, saying, “Brady can’t ski for sh*t.”

Continuing his story, Drew was making a phone call on the mountain when he spotted Brady in his “terrible Under Armour” outfit with a woman, whom he soon realized was Gisele. Of course, being the prankster he is, Drew went in hot and tried to spray Tom with snow, but that’s when things went hilariously wrong.

Drew accidentally missed Tom Brady and showered Gisele with snow instead. Moments later, Tom was baffled, wondering who had the audacity to cover Gisele with snow. Drew quickly stepped in to clarify, but his attempt to prank Brady didn’t quite hit the mark this time. Interestingly, this was the first time Drew met Gisele.

“I came in hot and I sprayed Gisele and Tome looks at me and I’m like. ‘Tom, it’s Drew, it’s Drew!’ And ‘Hey, sorry Gisele, nice to meet you’ and she leans over and gives me this great big hug,” Bledsoe recalled.

Later that day, Drew and his wife Maura joined Tom and Gisele for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Gisele shared with Drew that she typically doesn’t hug people she’s just met. However, because Drew’s name is always spoken with such respect and love in their household, she felt compelled to make an exception. Bledsoe was indeed touched by Gisele’s sentiment.

Drew Bledsoe’s Wife Helped Him Write the Gisele Bundchen Jokes for the Tom Brady Roast

Drew Bledsoe took quite a few jabs during the Roast of Tom Brady on Netflix, but he quickly showed that he could dish it out too, thanks to a little help from his wife.

Bledsoe joked about how defenses could never get to Brady, then hit him with a zinger about his breakup with Gisele Bündchen. “Obviously, buddy, you got really used to not being touched — just like the end of the marriage,” Drew said with a grin, leaving everyone gasping for air.

During Monday’s “Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” Bledsoe confessed that his joke about Bündchen was crafted with Maura’s help. Drew apparently considers her the funniest person alive, so he followed her lead for the Tom Brady roast.

“The Gisele joke, that actually came from my wife. Don’t tell her I told you. But the truth is it was a replacement for a joke that I had written that was far worse, and she said no, you can’t do that one. So, she helped me write something that was little more of a softball.”

Drew hinted that his original joke was more cutting, but he chose not to share it while talking about the roast. The glimpse into the lesser-known side of the Super Bowl XXXVI champ is a treat for the audience, and surely he will continue to bless us with his affable presence.

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