Cover Image for Rookie Trey Lance grateful after QB Jimmy Garoppolo was the first one to text him after being drafted.

Rookie Trey Lance grateful after QB Jimmy Garoppolo was the first one to text him after being drafted.

Arth Chandra
|Sat May 01 2021

NDSU QB Trey Lance was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers 3rd overall in the 2021 NFL draft. This came after the San Francisco 49ers traded a major haul to move up on the Board. But what was very interesting to see was how current 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo would react. And he was as a teammate as one could ask for.

Trey Lance being drafted after months of deliberation. But all the while, the 49ers already had QB on the roster. QB Jimmy Garoppolo had another injury-riddled season in a career that has been plagued by injuries. But in the single season that Garoppolo actually played in 2019, he led the team to the best record in the NFC and a Super Bowl appearance.

The 49ers also paid Jimmy Garoppolo a massive contract. The 49ers gave up a second-round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo four years ago. And after going 5-0 in his first season with the team, the San Francisco 49ers handed him a massive 5 year $137.5M contract.

Jimmy G was very efficient in 2019 when he lead the 49ers to the 13-3 record, a Super Bowl appearance, and a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter of said Super Bowl. Which is why had Garoppolo had a frustrated reaction, it wouldn’t have been a surprise, but Jimmy G was the ultimate Teammate.

Jimmy G was the first person to text new rookie QB Trey Lance

San Francisco supposed QB the future had a great start to his career in the bay.

“He sent me a text last night,” Lance said Friday on 95.7 The Game with Damon Ratto & Kolsky. “I was super thankful and grateful for that, for him reaching out. “It meant a lot to me and I’m super excited to get to work, get to meet him, and learn as much as I possibly can from him.”

This single text erased all doubts about having a QB controversy. “Jimmy knew what the deal was,” coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday night, noting he’s talked to Garoppolo and seen him in Zoom meetings ahead of the draft. “Jimmy’s been great.

“Jimmy is, you know, taking it as a business approach. But I think he’s excited for right now, just talking to him. He’s ready to come here, get back to being healthy, playing with our team and, if we have to compete, I know he’s ready to compete.”

General manager John Lynch expressed having had “good communication” with Garoppolo and called it “heartwarming” to hear that Garoppolo’s text to Lance was the first the incoming rookie saw. “That’s pretty special, and it speaks to his class,” Lynch said.

Jimmy Garoppolo will in all likeliness be the starter heading into Week 1 of the 2021 season. The 49ers as a team are loaded on both sides of the ball and will look to come back into Super Bowl contention next season. Hopefully, Jimmy G can put on a show in probably his last season in San Francisco.

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