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“I’m Feeling Zen”: Gisele Bündchen Embraces the Serene Life With Her and Tom Brady’s Children

Suresh Menon

"I'm Feeling Zen": Gisele Bündchen Embraces the Serene Life With Her and Tom Brady's Children

Ever since Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady announced their shock split in 2022, the duo has been on their own self-discovery journey. Gisele, in particular, has been very vocal about going back to her roots, and this can be seen through her conduct over the last 12 months. From making a comeback into the fashion industry to launching a cookbook in her native Brazil, Gisele seems to slowly find herself back.

In the latest chapter in her self-discovery journey, she is willfully living in a humble abode of 1200 square feet with her kids while her Miami house finishes renovation. For a millionaire like Gisele, she could have easily rented out a villa or a luxury apartment. But she instead chose to be in a cozy 1200-square-foot house, as it made her feel Zen. The house only has the essentials for Gisele and her kids, thus creating no clutter in space.

I’m currently living in our 1,200-square-foot home because our house was supposed to be finished nine months ago, but I’m feeling Zen; there’s no clutter, only what’s necessary,” Gisele proclaimed.


She has no separate fitness and wellness training room in this apartment. Hence, she uses her hallway to keep up with her daily yoga routine. But even this is not a hassle for Gisele, as it takes her back to her early days in New York when she used to live in houses like these in hopes of making it big one day.

“In this little house, I have right now, the hallway is the only place I can fit my yoga mat, where I do my yoga and meditation,” Gisele expressed. “It’s the only place I’m not hitting something so it has become a little entry hall–slash–yoga and meditation room. Bringing my ’90s New York life back.”

While her temporary abode reflects her humility, her interview with Architectural Digest also revealed her preferences in interior design choices for her house.

Gisele Bundchen Reveals What She Loves the Most About Her House

When asked about her favorite part of her current property, Gisele revealed that what makes this small house special is the light. The house gives easy access for the sunlight to enter, helping Gisele get her daily dose of Vitamin D. The golden hour of the sunset in her backyard also makes this house special for her.

“Hmm, I love this little house, because the most important thing for me is light. I am greeted by the sun and I have that golden hour sun at the end of the day in my backyard. So I love it. It’s perfect,” The Brazilian supermodel said.

Gisele, in the interview, revealed that the crystals her mom gives her on her birthdays have been the best artifacts in her house. Being a Cancer, she is sentimental to the core, and thus you can also find her kids’ art hanging at her house.

“I’m a Cancer, so everything is sort of sentimental,” She added. “But the crystals my mom gave me. Every birthday she’ll give me a crystal. And, of course, I value my kids’ art because I just think they’re the most amazing artists.”

She currently lives with the two kids she had with Tom Brady, and from Gisele’s words, she seems to have a blast. She shared with the magazine that she has an everyday ritual with Benjamin and Vivian, where she does aromatherapy messages on their feet. The supermodel also acknowledged that she spends more time with her daughter as her elder teenage son is past the age of foot massages and likes his space.

“I have this ritual with my kids, I’ve done it since they were little, where I do aromatherapy massages on their feet,” Gisele revealed. “It takes me 10, 15 minutes in each room—I stay longer with my daughter because my son is a teenager now, so most of the time he just wants me to give him his space. Then it’s around 10:00 p.m. and I just go to sleep.”

All said and done, the biggest takeaway from Gisele’s latest interview is that she is putting a lot of effort into valuing things that remind her of who she is. Be it living in a cramped apartment or showing extra love to her mother’s crystals or her kid’s paintings, Gisele is all in on the self-discovery and self-love journey.

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