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“It Used to Be Chess”: Tom Brady Asserts the Quarterback Position Has “Dumbed Down” Because of the Coaches

Anushree Gupta

Back in 2019, Alex Guerrero-Coach Belichick Probe Made Tom Brady Hang Up in Middle of the Interview

Tom Brady declared his retirement ‘for good’ from the NFL last year but has maintained a deep connection with the sport. However, over the past few years, Brady has repeatedly raised concerns about the current state of the game, especially the quarterback position. The topic of quarterback play and the changes in it; presented itself again as Brady appeared on ‘DeepCut with VicBlends‘.

A video posted by Vic Blends on Thursday saw Tom Brady get a special haircut from the famous hairstylist while answering questions about his personal and professional life. Blends enquired Brady about one of the most contentious points that hinder quarterback play in today’s day and age and what he would change. Brady didn’t hold back any punches and stated that QB plays have been “Dumbed down” and even expressed how the game of football might be evolving into a coach-centric sport. It has become more of a game of checker, whereas it used to be more akin to a game of chess.

“I think it’s been dumbed down a lot,” added Brady, who has had a similar stance in the past. “I think it’s just, they’re taking the quarterback position where you should’ve been the field general. You should’ve had a real say on the field and contributed, you know, you always had the last swipe at the pencil. I feel like the coaches are making it coaching-focused.

TB12’s Tuesday sessions with Bill Belichick allowed them to extensively plan their gameplay. But most of his evolution happened on the field, where the legendary quarterback took charge, allowing him to add another Super Bowl ring to his chest, following his breakup with the Patriots and Belichick. Brady feels that this is in direct contrast with the quarterbacks today, who are asked by coaches to ‘Run what I call and get out there and be a robot’

Tom Brady Expresses the Importance of Ideating for Quarterbacks

Tom Brady moved on from the Patriots and Bill Belichick in 2020 but continued to garner immense respect for the legendary figure who has coached TB12 since the start. One of the reasons behind the deep connections was his involvement in playmaking and overall growth as a quarterback under Belichick’s patronage. An important part of his famous discussion Tuesdays with Belichick was brainstorming and presenting ideas which helped him in his maturation as a player. Yet again, Brady shared the importance of this exercise with Vic during his conversation on ‘Deepcut‘.

“I love being involved in the game plan, I love designing plays, I love designing schemes for our team. I’d go in there with a list of ideas…of all the things I wanted to do and I really got to the nuances of the game,” Brady shared.

In addition to the design, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had deep discussions on the defensive starting lineup and other nuances of the game, which strengthened TB12’s ins and outs of the sport. Again, it is not just by chance but a matter of relentless work. Therefore, his insights provide a valuable basis for the NFL coaches and upcoming quarterbacks today who have the chance to bring back the league’s lost glory and unpredictability.

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Anushree Gupta

Anushree Gupta


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