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Tom Brady Gets Honest On Why He Doesn’t Keep Short Hair

Anushree Gupta

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Most NFL fans will agree that Tom Brady is a handsome man. Even at 46 years old, and after 23 years in the NFL, Brady has continued to rule the hearts of the style mafias. Hence, it is quite natural for others to imitate Brady’s look and hairstyle.

Tom Brady appeared on hairstylist Vic Blends’ ‘Deepcut with VicBlends‘ podcast, where they talked about Brady’s journey in the NFL. During the podcast, the conversation turned to Brady’s iconic look, and the quarterback revealed why he intends to keep longer hair. When asked, Brady even mentioned that he had tried a lot of styles over the year and they have all been related to his mood.

“I’ve gone different styles over a lot of years- depends what mood I’m in right now.”

Shortly after, the former quarterback made another intriguing revelation, claiming he is lazy with his hair. Brady insisted that this laziness forces him to keep his hair messy, which he hides under a hat.

“I’m pretty lazy, yeah pretty lazy with my hair. You kind of just go a little, yeah, just kind of keep it a little messy and when it’s too messy, I wear a hat.”

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Additionally, Tom Brady talked about his grey hair and how he considered them evidence of his experience and knowledge. However, despite that, the quarterback hates showing his greys and prefers to conceal them at all times.

Tom Brady’s Changing Moods and Hairstyles over the Years

With Tom Brady changing his hairstyle according to his mood, he has sported at least six distinctly iconic looks over the years. An earlier image of Brady from 2005, shows him in a buzzcut or a military cut, while at 30, the former Patriots QB found his comfort in a messier look with flowing long locks, calling it ‘The Caveman’ look. Subsequently, once the legend hit 40, he started sporting a more relaxed but ‘Derby’ look.

Interestingly, the quarterback believes that hairstyles should not just follow a meaningless trend. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Brady spoke about his hair, and how he thought they reflected his values. He detailed that he loved experimenting with his hair with an ‘if you like it, do it’ message.

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