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“It’s Too Easy.”: Skip Bayless Offers Insight Into Why Jerry Jones Doesn’t Target Free Agency

Anushree Gupta

"It's Too Easy.": Skip Bayless Offers Insight Into Why Jerry Jones Doesn't Target Free Agency

The Dallas Cowboys have advanced to the Super Bowl eight times, the second most in the NFL. However, the most recent appearance dates back to 1995, and since then, America’s Team hasn’t done much in the postseason, even failing to reach the NFC Title game. After facing an elimination in the 48-32 Wild Card Round against the Green Bay Packers last season, a more proactive offseason was expected. Instead, they remained dormant during free agency, with a total of six acquisitions, four of which were players already on the team. Considering it a bare minimum, fans have expressed concerns over the inactivity, especially Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless’ allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys has become a widely known fact in the league. This season, however, things have been different, with Bayless consistently voicing his doubts about the Cowboys. During his recent sparring session on ‘Undisputed’, Skip reiterated his stance, emphasizing that Jerry Jones only refrains from making big moves during free agency because it’s ‘too easy’ for him.

“He does not want to plunge (money) in free agency because it’s too easy for him to just throw money at this player or that player,” added Bayless in his assessment of Jerry Jones.

Skip believes that the Cowboys owner only prefers the draft because he has all the power in it. He gets to have the final say and even gets to have the credit when the player excels in the big league. In Skip’s view, this is how Jerry maintains his ego and reputation.

“Jerry loves the draft because he runs the draft,” claimed Bayless. “It’s Jerry who gets the final say. The buck stops on his desk. So, he can take a lot of pride and satisfaction in: ‘I picked him, I picked him, we did this, and we did that’… He loves that because it makes him happier. It helps build his ego and his reputation around the league because people do know that on draft night, he is the king in their war room.”

Nevertheless, America’s Team has drafted 15 Pro Bowl players over the last decade, followed by the Baltimore Ravens with three lesser names. Thus, their activity in the upcoming draft has a lot of anticipation, especially with fans’ sentiments brimming. However, Executive VP Stephen Jones (Jerry Jones’ son) resorted to damage control recently, as he talked about going ‘all in’ in 2024. His approach certainly involves bringing in new talents that align with the team’s urgent needs.

Skip Bayless Details Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Needs

The impending 2024 NFL Draft presents a new opportunity for the Cowboys who need a facelift for the next season. Skip suggested the inclusion of an offensive lineman and a running back since the club has already parted ways with Tyron Smith and Tony Pollard. The team needs to invest in players who do not need any more waiting around and can take the field this year.

We just lost two good offensive linemen, you mentioned one (Tyron Smith) and then we lost our center (Tyler Biadasz). You gotta replace both of them,” Skip said. “You got two backups who might be pretty good but you need to draft a couple of linemen who will be pretty immediately starting for you.

The Cowboys have kept their defense strong by signing linebacker Eric Kendricks, bringing back CB Jourdan Lewis and CJ Goodwin, RB Rico Dowdle for one year, and signing LS Trent Sieg in the offseason. While the free agency couldn’t give their offense the much-needed uplift, the team resigned OT Chuma Edoga.

The Cowboys have gained two extra compensatory picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, bringing their total to seven picks. Some of the prime slots for the team could be filled by HB Jase McClellan from Alabama, Center Beaux Limmer from Arkansas, and OT Anim Dank from Howard to add more firepower to the offensive side of the ball.

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