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“It’s Your Damn Quarterback”: Shannon Sharpe Boldly Reacts to Robert Saleh’s ‘Noise Compliant’ Amidst Hullabaloo Around Aaron Rodgers

Aniket Srivastava

"It's Your Damn Quarterback": Shannon Sharpe Boldly Reacts to Robert Saleh's 'Noise Compliant' Amidst Hullabaloo Around Aaron Rodgers

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers signed with the New York Jets in 2023. But instead of just ruling the spotlight with his athletic prowess, he did so with his season-ending injury and, of course, those controversial theories on podcasts. At the same time, the Jets concluded the 2023 season with another disastrous performance, adding more to the chaos. Now, as the 2024 offseason kicks off, team head coach Robert Saleh aims to calm things down and focus on the game.

Shannon Sharpe, on his podcast “Nightcap,” recently discussed coach Saleh’s desire for a quieter season after a loud 2023 campaign. Sharpe didn’t hold back, by stating, “It’s your damn quarterback,” pointing out Rodgers’ ability to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The former tight end then recalled how Rodgers, despite being sidelined with an Achilles injury that kept him out for the entire season, continued to be the center of attention with his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. He highlighted how Rodgers delved into conspiracy theories rather than discussing football-related matters, just to be in the public’s eye.

Moreover, the quarterbacks’ discussions on non-football topics, such as COVID-19 and medical opinions, were unnecessary and distracting to the former tight end. Sharpe even asserted that Rodgers believes himself to be the smartest person in the room and often seeks to prove the medical professionals wrong about his injury.

Even though Rodgers got hurt in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, he kept saying he would come back before the 2023 season finished. But Sharpe was confident Rodgers wouldn’t return from his Achilles injury, claiming it was a ploy to stay relevant in the media.

In Shannon Sharpe’s eyes, the solution to the Jets’ need for a quieter season lies in addressing Rodgers’ behavior and focusing the team’s efforts on football. As A-Rod recovers from his injury, all eyes are on him for the 2024 season with the New York Jets. The team is counting on him to lead them to the Super Bowl or at least break their long-standing playoff drought.

Jets Leadership Addresses Aaron Rodgers Running for VP

Jets owner Woody Johnson, GM Joe Douglas, and Coach Robert Saleh recently spoke at the annual NFL owners’ meetings about the buzz surrounding their star shot-caller. Recently, reports surfaced that Rodgers was being considered as a potential running mate for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the upcoming presidential election. When asked about it, as per the NY Post, Saleh shrugged it off, noting that he never even considered it to be a possibility.

However, Douglas joked about Aaron Rodgers taking some of the new Jets offensive linemen with him to Washington, suggesting that they have successfully bolstered the O-line.

Amidst all this, Rodgers has been in the spotlight due to his alleged involvement in controversies like the Sandy Hook case, where he allegedly suggested the government’s involvement. The NFL star, however, denied these claims with a heartfelt post on X. As the season inches closer, HC Saleh would want his star QB to steer clear of such controversies and focus on the game. He did say, “We welcome a little bit of quietness.

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