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Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Name: Jaxson de Ville’s Crazy Antics Steals The Show In Florida

Shubham Bhargav

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t having the best of seasons this time around. Apart from a couple of impressive performances here and there, they have below-par with the offensive as well as defensive play this year.

They were able to break their long losing streak earlier this month by defeating the Raiders, however, in their very next clash, they were simply outperformed by Mahomes’ Chiefs.

So, when the Jaguars were about to take on the Baltimore Ravens in their week 12 clash, not many fans were expecting them to start off strongly. However, they have managed to at least begin well.

Jaguars’ star quarterback Trevor Lawrence scored a touchdown even before Lamar Jackson could which sent the Jaguars crowd into a frenzy. However, one special fan, who is known for going a bit overboard with his celebrations, ended up doing exactly what he is known for.

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Jaxson de Ville goes crazy after Trevor Lawrence’s TD

A 28-yard strike from Trevor to Hasty allowed the Jaguars to get the score to 6-6 during the initial phase of the second quarter. As soon as the scoreboard went 6-6, Jaguars’ mascot Jaxson de Ville started celebrating in a rather unique fashion.

Wearing quite a flashy pair of underpants, Jaxson was on the sidelines when the TD was scored and he left no stone unturned in letting everyone know that he has got some sick dance moves.

Jaxson got this unusual name as he is representing Jacksonville, Florida, which is often referred to as Jax. With 00 on the back of his jersey, Jaxson is famous for finding unique ways to enter the stadium.

Sometimes he resorts to bungee jumping, whereas sometimes he has been seen sliding down the scoreboard with the help of a rope. The mascot is famous for triggering the NFL to bring in a change regarding how much a mascot can get involved.

He is known for really ruffling a few feathers and interacting even with the opponents which has resulted in unsavory situations many times. Back in 2007, Colts President Bill Polian had even lodged a complaint against Jaxson to the NFL after which, he got a lot calmer.

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