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Jameis Winston Reveals Why He Doesn’t Watch Looney Toons With His Kids

Anushree Gupta

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Back in the day, Looney Toons was the childhood entertainment staple for many growing up. It was also a cherished part of Jameis Winston’s childhood, but now, as a father, he’s a bit cautious about sharing it with his own kids

In a recent interview, Jameis Winston, the Cleveland Browns quarterback admitted his fondness for the classic cartoons in a video by MLFootball. He claimed, “I’m a big Looney Tunes fan.” He further explained that his sons who are three and five years old accompany him to enjoy the cartoon even today. However, he added that he and his kids don’t watch too much of Bug Bunny and Co., but that’s because he can get a little wound up from it.

“I get a little silly when I watch Looney Tunes, I don’t (want) them to see me in that space.”

Further on he also added that he likes to think himself as a little bit of goofy, with a not-so-terrible version of Goofy’s laugh to back his claims. Meanwhile, fans couldn’t help but react with amusement to Jameis Winston’s candid revelation.

Who knows, perhaps a future in broadcasting awaits Winston once his playing days are over, with Looney Toons references to football. Whether on the field or off of it, Winston’s knack for keeping things lively ensures that he remains a fan favorite. Moreover, as Jameis Winston concluded with a chuckle, his childishness added to his stature as one of the NFL’s most entertaining personalities.

Jameis Winston Sets Fans Ablaze with His Amusing Fish Interview Clip

In a hilarious turn of events, Jameis Winston recently showcased his fun-loving side by conducting a rather unusual interview—with a fish.

Fans spotted Jameis Winston enjoying a lighthearted conversation with tuna fish brought on board after a good fishing day. The questionnaire from the unusual one-sided interview ranged from their flopping time to inquire about the relation between two fishes with his mic posed at them.

Fans had a great time watching the funny video, as they praised Jameis for his amusing clip. Others thought he was not only their ‘greatest American’ but Jameis Winston also needed to be protected for his humor. Take a look at a few reactions:

While Winston’s role as a veteran backup quarterback brings stability to the team, it’s his infectious spirit that truly makes a difference. Jameis Winston’s fish interview may have been unconventional, but it perfectly resonated with his fun-loving personality. Whether on the field or engaging in humorous interviews off the field, Winston continues to win the hearts of fans and teammates alike.

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