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Jets Fans Pick Apart NFL Draft & Hints About Brock Bowers From Joe Douglas’ Latest Presser

Ayush Juneja

Jets Fans Pick Apart NFL Draft & Hints About Brock Bowers From Joe Douglas' Latest Presser

With no pressing need for an offensive tackle or any other specific position, the New York Jets have honed in on acquiring a tight end. And Brock Bowers could very well be the one to fill that void. As the Green Gang pushes hard this season to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 2010, fans eagerly search for hints about their franchise’s plans in the upcoming draft, and Joe Douglas’s recent press conference provided precisely that.

Douglas is a man of few words, so getting anything out of him isn’t an easy task, but fans are optimistic. He mentioned that the Jets are closely monitoring ten players in the draft, a pool filled with possibilities, particularly in the wide receiver and offensive tackle positions. While adding another receiver or tackle would be beneficial, the Jets must prioritize addressing their positional scarcity, particularly with their valuable 10th pick. Despite the Jets not live-streaming Douglas’s press conference, analysts, insiders, and beat writers have provided glimpses into his statements, offering fans insights into the team’s draft strategy.

Rich Cimini, an ESPN NFL reporter for the Jets, posted the excerpt from Joe’s press conference on his X (formerly Twitter) account. He reported that the Jets GM talked about a reliable TE who is good at everything without mentioning Bowers’ name. While most teams don’t draft a Tight End in the 1st round, Douglas asserts, they don’t mind drafting one, citing the importance of dynamic TEs like Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and others.

However, while it looks from the outside that Green Gang might draft UGA’s TE in the first round, fans are not convinced by GM’s statements. They feel a presser, a few days before the draft, is nothing but a smokescreen and they aren’t convinced that the Jets will take Brock Bowers. Others, however, feel that while the club will take a TE; it won’t be a 2-time Natty winner as they already have another target in mind. A few even urged the franchise to not draft a TE in the first round but rather focus on a tackle or a wideout. Take a look:

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Even if the Jets take Bowers in the first round, they still have 6 more picks in successive rounds to fill the holes on both sides of their ball.

Predictions for the New York Jets’ 2024 Draft

While it seems the Jets will take either a tackle or a weapon like Brock Bowers in the 1st round, the rest of the draft is still up in the air. They don’t have a 2nd round pick, but the club does hold a third round pick (72nd). As per Chad Reuters, in the third round, they could take Safety Tykee Smith or LB Jeremiah Trotter. However, according to Walter Football’s prediction, OT Patrick Paul is the guy for them. There’s another theory by ESPN’s Yates that they will take Safety Jaden Hicks.

Going into the 4th round, Green Gang has two picks: 111th and 134th. Reuters has them picking WR Jermaine Burton with the 111th and Linebacker Tommy Eichenberg with the 134th. Walter Football, on the other hand, predicts a Wideout in Xavier Weaver and Defensive Tackle Fabian Lovett.

With the 185th 6th-round pick and two 7th-round picks, the Jets could take LB Curtis Jacobs, OT Garrett Greenfield, and IOL Matt Lee, respectively, as per CBS Sports. For the 6th and 7th rounds, Chad Reuters predicts that they will take QB Jordan Travis, TE Devin Gulp, and CB Micah Abraham, respectively.

While Bowers is a generational talent and a great weapon, there is a reason that the teams don’t take Tight End in the first round, given the inherent unpredictability of the position. Any team like the Jets, whose window is closing because of Rodgers’s age, might want someone with immediate impact.

It’s also worth mentioning that most TEs, who have had a great impact in the NFL, were late-round draftees. They might be better off doing the same. The O-Line still feels short, and most tackles are long-term prospects. If they want another offensive weapon, they would be better off drafting someone like Odunze, as most receivers fit in immediately.

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