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Jets Fans Who Adore Zach Wilson, Refer To Matt LaFleur As M*LF & NFL Journalist Mina Kimes Knows Exactly Why

Suyash Deep Sinha

Zach Wilson and Matt LaFleur

Alleged homie-hopper Zach Wilson and Matt LaFleur were trolled yet again, this time by NFL Journalist Mina Kimes.

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is popular these days not only for his game but also for his relationships. His girlfriend, an Instagram influencer, was recently seen cheering him on the sidelines against the Broncos.

Yesterday, sports journalist Mina Kimes tweeted a joke about Zach’s relationship with his mother’s best friend. In her Tweet, she stated that NYJ fans refer to Mike LaFleur as “M*LF” and that their quarterback is Zach Wilson. She ended the tweet there, and the fans were able to take care of the rest.

M*LF is a term that doesn’t really need an explanation. Fans took the opportunity to troll LaFleur and Wilson and began cracking multiple jokes about the alleged homie-hopper incident.

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Zach Wilson’s Relationship with her Mom’s Best friend

After breaking up with Wilson in January, Abbey Gile began dating Washington Commanders WR Dax Milne. Milne and Wilson were roommates in college and best friends.

One of the users labelled Gile a ‘homie hopper,’ or someone who starts dating his or her ex-partner’s friend right away. Gile retaliated by declaring Wilson the “real homie hopper” because he had slept with his mother’s best friend.

Wilson was sleeping with his mom’s best friend…the that’s real homie hopper,” wrote Wilson’s ex-girlfriend. Abbey Gile shut down her Instagram account after that comment went viral, but the internet has been flooded with hilarious memes about the incident since then.

Wilson’s mother Lisa shared a lengthy Instagram post on the same day Gile made the accusation, warning about the dangers of social media.

I thought I’d done everything I could to teach her to recognize danger. I thought I’d blocked her from outside influences, and she was my kid, so even if someone got in, she knew what to do,” Lisa had said in the video, referring to one of Zach’s siblings.

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