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Jets Linebacker Reveals Why Aaron Rodgers’ Return at 40 Catapults Them into Super Bowl Contention

Yagya Bhargava

Jets Linebacker Reveals Why Aaron Rodgers' Return at 40 Catapults Them into Super Bowl Contention

When Aaron Rodgers made his debut for the Jets last season, hopes were running high. However, some naysayers did point out that perhaps New York shouldn’t get its hopes up as his good days might just be behind him. And as he went down within five minutes of his first game with his new team, that sentiment started to ring true. Whether anyone believes in him or not, Rodgers is always firmly in his own corner. And he has a believer in teammate CJ Mosley too, who sees Rodgers’s addition to the team as a benefit and not a disadvantage.

CJ Mosley got real on “talkSPORT” about Aaron Rodgers stepping up as a leader for the team and boosting their Super Bowl dreams. Before Rodgers joined, the talk was about playing well and staying healthy. However, when Aaron arrived with his goal of getting to the Super Bowl, it fired up Mosley.

Expanding on his thoughts, CJ Mosley indicated that having someone in the building, laser-focused on that ring was just what the New York Jets needed.

Having people like him in the building and the way he talks and works. And how he can affect and kind of control the players to do and the coaches to do the right things all the time. So, you need that. So, definitely excited to have him back.”

Rodgers is able to connect with his teammates and coaches due to sheer experience. Having played for 17 years, the veteran QB is well-respected, even if some might disagree with his off-field philosophies. It’s undeniable that he brings a lot to the table in terms of sheer skill and experience. Of course, his drive to add another Super Bowl to his resume also helps things. And it’s heartening to see his teammates believe in him, just as much as he does.

Over the past five seasons, the New York Jets have had their fair share of hurdles, especially on offense, resulting in a string of disappointing records. While the Jets’ defense showed some promise in 2022, the team has still fallen short of playoff contention regularly and has struggled to maintain a steady momentum. For the past 13 seasons, the Jets have left their fans yearning for a playoff appearance, a drought that’s been tough to swallow.

But with Aaron Rodgers on board, hope is back in the air. CJ Mosley’s remarks have also injected a fresh wave of excitement as the New York Jets gear up for the upcoming season with Rodgers at the helm. Moreover, it seems like they have a couple of years ahead with the veteran QB at their disposal.

Aaron Rodgers Wants to Continue Competing Into His Mid-40s

Four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is set to make his comeback in 2024 after a rough start with the Jets, rupturing his Achilles tendon just four snaps into his regular-season debut. While expectations are sky-high for the Green & White with the seasoned quarterback back in action, Rodgers has his sight set beyond the upcoming season.

In a chat on the “Look Into It” podcast with Eddie Bravo, in March’24, Rodgers shared:

I got back on the practice field late in the season and couldn’t get to a top speed sprinting, but really been in a good place rehab-wise, from the start, and feeling really good. I’m hopeful I can play two or three or four more years, but you need to have some good fortune in there too.”

The seasoned veteran Aaron Rodgers, joined the Jets last offseason, penning a two-year deal, extending his tenure with the Green & White through 2024. In a December interview on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers hinted at playing for at least two more seasons beyond 2023.

But in the recent podcast, it seems his ambitions have grown even bigger, If Rodgers pulls it off, he’ll be suiting up through the 2027 season, kicking it off at 43 years young, with his 44th birthday slated for December 2027.

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