Kareem Hunt Trade Update: Are Cleveland Browns Trading The Star Running Back?

Suyash Deep Sinha
|Published 30/10/2022

Following Christian McCaffrey’s trade to San Francisco, Kareem Hunt is the best running back available. The seasoned running back has been a possible trade target this season.

According to earlier reports, Kareem Hunt wanted to be traded. Additionally, Cleveland would prefer to trade Hunt if they could obtain a fourth-round pick or the equivalent in compensation for losing him in free agency.

In six games this season, Hunt has rushed for 259 yards and two touchdowns on 61 attempts. In comparison to Nick Chubb, who has been outstanding in the first half of the season, he has primarily played a supporting role.

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Kareem Hunt Trade Update

According to the latest reports, Kareem Hunt will likely stay with the Cleveland Browns for the rest of the 2022 season because he is “unlikely” to be traded before Tuesday’s deadline.

Hunt told reporters on Saturday that he asked the Browns for a trade over the summer. However, recently, Hunt declared, “I haven’t said anything to them. I simply come here and work. I only ever do that.”

Kareem Hunt, the running back for the Browns, has a slight advantage right now as he waits to learn if he will be traded before the deadline on Tuesday. On Saturday, he said, “It is what it is. It’s a company. Man, I just show up and play out there.”

He avoided all the trade rumors that have been circulating over the past week on social media and on sports talk radio. He replied, “I don’t look at that stuff. I avoid listening to any of that music. If it occurs, it occurs. I’ll be prepared.”

Throughout his six-year NFL career, Hunt has been a dependable running back. He has, however, lost his place in Cleveland’s backfield, which also features D’Ernest Johnson and three-time Pro Bowler Nick Chubb.

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