Kareem Hunt Trade Rumors: With McCaffrey Out Of The Picture, Will Bills & Eagles Go After The Browns Running Back?

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 25/10/2022

This season, Kareem Hunt hasn’t been able to do as well as he would have wanted. Will the Browns trade him before the window closes?

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had the best of starts to the season. When they roped in Deshaun Watson, fans were expecting big things to happen. However, Watson’s 11-game suspension really pushed them down.

Apart from a couple of close wins, the team has underperformed big time. While the main focus has been on Deshaun, it is true that some of the other stars have also failed to bail the team out of trouble. With the trade window closing soon, the team from Cleveland might look to make some changes to the squad.

One man who might find a few takers if the Browns decide to trade him is Running Back Kareem Hunt. Moreover, the Browns have put a lot of money and faith behind Nick Chubb which also makes the Kareem Hunt trade much more feasible.

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Kareem Hunt Trade Rumors

With 263 rushing yards, 66 carries and three touchdowns in his 7 games, Hunt’s numbers haven’t been as good as he would have expected. In fact, his average rushing yards per carry and catch shows that he is having one of the worst seasons of his career.

All these factors point towards a possible trade. As far as teams that might be interested in Kareem are concerned, there are plenty of franchises to look at.

Hunt might be a good fit for the Seattle Seahawks. The team has done quite well with Kenneth Walker who has been utilized as Rashaad Penny’s replacement. However, the team has used him in limited capacity and if they are able to rope Hunt into their squad, it will take some pressure off of walker.

Another team that might be planning to add Hunt to their roster is Philadelphia Eagles. They were looking to get their hands on Christian McCaffrey but instead, he went to the 49ers. At the moment, they need an experienced RB and Hunt might be the perfect answer to their query.

The third most likely team to go after Hunt is Buffalo Bills. While there is no doubt about the fact that they have done exceedingly well this season thus far, they are in need of an RB. The Bills also went after McCaffrey but failed to rope him in. Hunt might be the right as well as the cheaper choice for them.

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