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Lamar Jackson Outshines Patrick Mahomes in Forbes Highest-Paid Athletes 2024 List

Aditya Rajput

Lamar Jackson Outshines Patrick Mahomes in Forbes Highest-Paid Athletes 2024 List

The NFL has recently seen some steep salaries being handed out by organizations. And two such highly-paid NFL players have been Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Both QBs have been handsomely paid by their respective teams. However, despite clinching three Super Bowls in the past five years, the Chiefs’ QB seems to have been surpassed by the Ravens’ shot-caller, who has yet to win his first ring.

As per Forbes, five out of the top 10 highest-paid athletes this year are soccer players. While players like Ronaldo and Messi rule over the list, Lamar Jackson has broken into the top 10. He has become the 10th highest-paid athlete, surpassing Patrick Mahomes. With his $72.5 million signing bonus from the 5-year, $260 million guaranteed contract, it became quite easy for Lamar to make a whopping $100.5 million this year.

In contrast, Mahomes is in the 15th position with total earnings of $84.4 million, as reported by Marca. While the two have a massive difference in their contracts and earnings, Mahomes has been largely more successful on and off the field.

It’s worth mentioning that Jackson has been able to surpass Mahomes on the Forbes list only after some restructuring of Mahomes’ contract. Moreover, Mahomes’ and Jackson’s annual payouts appear rather modest when compared to the other athletes on the list.

Who Are the Top 5 Most Paid Athletes in the World?

While playing in the NFL is a highly lucrative option, several other sports around the world pay better. Topping the list is Cristiano Ronaldo. A dynamic talent on the soccer field, Ronaldo is considered the GOAT by his fans. He is paid a high-yielding amount of $260 million.

Then comes the Spanish golfer, Jon Rahm. A young star at the age of 29, Rahm has a whopping $218 million listed as his income for his talents with the 9 iron.

After him comes yet another soccer player and Ronaldo’s main rival, Lionel Messi. A World Cup winner, Messi is making waves in the MLS for Miami and is currently being paid $135 million annually.

Finally, at number 4, we have an athlete from one of the 3 biggest leagues in the USA, LeBron James. A multi-generational talent, LeBron is widely considered the best basketball player, both active and all-time. Even at the advanced age of 39, he has been dominating and is being paid $128.2 million in 2024.

Number 5 on the list is the Greek Freak, a.k.a. Giannis Antetokounmpo. The hope of Milwaukee, Giannis has been a dominating force on the court and has a whopping earnings of $111 million.

When it comes to compensating its players, it seems like the NFL is far behind. On the other hand, no other major sport has a 53-man roster like this one does. When the time comes, skill players—quarterbacks in particular—will undoubtedly break through and finish in the top 5.

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