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“Let Go Of the F in LFG”: Ahead Of $350 Million Gig, Tom Brady Gets Cheeky Words of Wisdom

Anushree Gupta

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Tom Brady is gearing up for his new $350 million gig as a Fox Sports broadcaster, and he’s already getting some cheeky advice. During a recent appearance on the NFL schedule release show, Kevin Burkhardt, his opening companion advised Brady to “let go of the F in LFG,” referencing his famous rallying cry, “Let’s F***ing Go.”

Expectations for Brady in his new role are sky-high. As a player, Brady was synonymous with Super Bowl aspirations from his first season, and now as he transitions to the booth, fans are eager to see his magic in broadcasting.

Brady has expressed his excitement, particularly about the Cowboys, stating their importance to the network. Tom Brady’s debut equally thrills Kevin Burkhardt as his co-commentator. Therefore, in a conversation with Rich Eisen via NFL, he humorously remarked,

“The booth we get pumped up. He just may have to let go of the F in LFG for standards and practices, you know.”

Brady’s debut as a color commentator will start with the season opener between the Cleveland Browns and the Dallas Cowboys on September 8. He will make his first appearance in the booth this season, but he will also call the Super Bowl for Fox, marking his 11th Super Bowl appearance in a different capacity.

Through and through, the preparation for his broadcasting career has been intensive. Tom Brady, known for his meticulous preparation as a player, is likely to bring the same level of commitment to his new role.

He’s expected to adopt a thorough approach, with unique reviews of game tapes and a deep understanding of the teams and players. However, Tom Brady needs to compete with established commentators like Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Terry Bradshaw, who have all successfully transitioned from the field to the booth. But, Kevin Burkhardt has more spice to add.

Tom Brady and Kevin Burkhardt Await 2024 Season With Excitement

Tom Brady and Kevin Burkhardt have a thrilling lineup of games to call this season. Week One kicks off with the Cleveland Browns hosting the Dallas Cowboys. Brady, familiar with high-stakes matchups, is particularly excited about the Cowboys.

Week three features Lamar Jackson’s Ravens vs. Dak Prescott’s Cowboys. Week six sees the Lions vs. Cowboys, followed by a Super Bowl rematch in week seven between the Chiefs and 49ers. Burkhardt said,

“But our first two months are pretty epic, especially in late September. And early October,” said Kevin Burkhardt, adding, “So we have Lamar and the Ravens at Dallas. Week three. Week six is the Lions at Dallas. It was maybe the most entertaining regular season game last year. And then the next week, Super Bowl rematch. Chiefs at 40 Niners. So I mean that’s about as good as you can get.”

Later in the season, fans can look forward to Detroit at Green Bay and San Francisco at Green Bay. Key NFC East matchups include the Cowboys vs. Eagles in week 17 and the Giants vs. Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

To prepare for the thrill, Tom Brady and Kevin Burkhardt have been building chemistry, with Burkhardt noting, “We’ve been spending time together, rehearsing and practicing. He’s getting used to TV, and it’s been cool.” Therefore, Brady’s way toward this new chapter has fans eagerly anticipating how the legendary quarterback will adapt and thrive in broadcasting.

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