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“Lost His Aura”: Fans React After Watching Aaron Rodgers Grasping for Air in Tiring Post-Injury Workout

Anushree Gupta

"Lost His Aura": Fans React After Watching Aaron Rodgers Grasping for Air in Tiring Post-Injury Workout

The New York Jets entered the 2023 season with high hopes and a dream team, but it ended as soon as it started. After just four snaps, Aaron Rodgers found himself on the sidelines with what would turn out to be a season-ending Achilles tear. However, with the new season at the doorstep, the four-time MVP and his Jets are determined to do it right this time. Yet, ahead of their first voluntary workout, a carousel of pictures showing Rodgers struggling to work out and gasping for air has sent fans into a frenzy.

A recent tweet from ‘MLFootball’ gave a sneak peek of Rodgers sweating it out with an intense stair workout. The pictures showcased the NFL star taking a breather on the sidewalk, along with an exhausted snapshot of him post-workout.

Arguably one of the best quarterbacks of his time, Aaron Rodgers enjoys a considerable sway over fans. However, as soon as these pictures surfaced online, the majority of them remarked that it might just be time for him to hang up his cleats, while others retorted with humor at his exhausted posture. However, the crudest comments included jokes about Rodgers’ snaps of gasping for air. Take a look:

Aaron Rodgers has kept the stakes up during his recovery, taking good care of his health while also maintaining his athleticism. After he was spotted on the practice field toward the season’s end, Rodgers spoke openly about his workout regime, consisting of a weight-limiting treadmill during his rehabilitation. Adding more on the Pat McAfee Show in December, Rodgers previously claimed that his exercises also included jogging at 50% of his body weight while navigating the last three to four months of his recovery. While his recent pictures have caused concern for many, it can be said with certainty that these types of workouts will leave anyone gasping for air.

Aaron Rodgers Gets Spotted Near Jets Facility, Exuding Optimism

Aaron Rodgers has established himself as a formidable force, and this doesn’t come without putting in that extra hard work. Recently, he showed up at the Jets training facility after spending seven months in rehab. The 40-year-old strutted with a big smile on his face, marking the beginning of the first phase of offseason voluntary workouts ahead of 2024. The happiness was visible at least for the team as the NY Jets posted his first look in grey camouflage print sweatshirts, coupled with gray joggers, a charcoal grey baseball cap, and sunglasses.

Since Aaron Rodgers’ exit from the Green Bay Packers, he has been particularly thrilled about his Jets role. Additionally, the Green Gang Nation is even more excited, as the team has taken significant steps during free agency to strengthen both sides of the ball.

The offensive front was bolstered with talents like Tyron Smith, Morgan Morris, and Mike Williams, while the secondary had a facelift with DT Javon Kinlaw and CB Isaiah Oliver, instantly earning an AFC Powerhouse title. When the time comes, it will surely be interesting to see if the club finally manages to break their long-standing playoff drought.

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