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Mavericks Win Means Jerry Jones & Dallas Cowboys Take Another Big L Without Even Taking the Field

Utsav Khanna

Mavericks Win Means Jerry Jones & Dallas Cowboys Take Another Big L Without Even Taking the Field

The Dallas Mavericks took over the mighty Oklahoma City Thunder in a thrilling six-game series. There were moments during the Western Conference semi-final where the Thunder looked like clear favorites. Even Irving and Doncic did not show up during a stretch.

But the Mavericks came out victorious, unlike the Dallas Cowboys. And X, previously known as Twitter, was quick to make the connection. Dallas has many sporting franchises, and the fans have an appetite. But what they fail to have is a winning football team.

And not just any team; they have the honor of representing America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. And now, with the Mavericks on another trip to the Western Conference final, fans quickly called out the Cowboys for their consistent failure. Here’s the graphic that started it all:

Fans are content with what the basketball, ice hockey, and baseball teams are putting up. In fact, they are filling the gaping hole left by the ring-less Cowboys. There are more fans who are football crazy than other sports, but the team has continued to disappoint in the past three decades.

The fans are clear about who is to be blamed, and social media reflects the same. It was treated as another time to trash the storied NFL franchise. It is just obvious that if anything sporting-related happens in Dallas, the Cowboys will be mentioned, and thus the continuous success of other franchises doesn’t bode well for Jerry Jones and co.—from a social media perspective, at least.

Fans Respond to Dallas Succeeding Without Cowboys

The Cowboys still have a large number of faithful with them, despite the results year after year. They stick with them no matter what. But the other fans have seemingly woken up; they are no longer agreeing with the narratives being propagated.

Even though the Cowboys are the franchise of Dallas, they have been out of contention for years now. They show some hope every year, and every year they fail in the playoffs. Here are some of the opinions from around social media:

But then there were other social media users who rejected the claims:

There were a few others who brought up rings:

But there are no historical facts that will satisfy what the Dallas fans want from the Cowboys. The rings were won in ancient history. And they can’t be living on those through the twenty-first century. It is high time they get it done in the playoffs and stop making fans believe in the myth of the next year.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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