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“May He Rest In Peace”: Packers Family Mourns the Tough Loss Of Former Green Bay Coach

Anushree Gupta

“May He Rest In Peace”: Packers Family Mourns the Tough Loss Of Former Green Bay Coach

The Green Bay Packers have built up quite a strong presence throughout the years. However, that presence would mean nothing without the support of their legendary coaches. Larry Beightol, a former but significant member of the Wisconsin family recently passed away leaving behind his legacy as an offensive line coach. At 81, Beightol’s death was triggered by diabetes and age factors even as he battled heart failure coupled with dementia.

Following Larry Beightol’s demise on Thursday, April 4, Berna Funeral Homes posted an obituary in honor of the former offensive line coach. Fans immediately rushed to offer their condolences, while the Green Bay Packers paid their respects through a post on X. Reminiscing his time with the Packers from 1999-2005, the official post read,

Larry Beightol, offensive line coach of the #Packers from 1999-2005, died Thursday, April 4.

Larry Beightol became the offensive line coach in 1999, under Ray Rhodes’ patronage. However, the next year saw Rhodes and all his assistant coaches fired for underperformance, leaving Beightol under Mike Sherman. In his seven-year stint, Beightol became instrumental to the journeys of Frank Winters, Marco Rivera, Chad Clifton, and Mark Tauscher, all of whom became Hall of Famers in the future. At the same time, Beightol also shared an amazing rapport with fans and must have touched a lot of lives through his interactions with the community.

Acknowledging the effect Beightol had on the Green Bay Packers, fans flocked to X to pay their respects. Most wished for a peaceful rest and some even regarded him as “one of the best Green Bay had.” On top of it, fans also could not thank him enough for being such an integral part of the team.

Larry Beightol started his coaching career in 1968 at the College of William and Mary before finding his way to the league in 1985. Unfortunately, the tail end of his Packers career was quite rough, especially with Mike McCarthy’s induction, but his journey was surely a memorable one.

Larry Beightol Honored for his Legacy as Packers Offensive Coach

A team’s success is based primarily on its players and coaches, and Larry Beightol was relentless in his effort to honor the sport he loved. As news of his passing shook the NFL community, memories of his career, came flooding back.

Moving from his first college stint at the College of William and Mary, Beightol explored the collegiate landscape, lending his expertise to institutions like North Carolina State, Auburn, and the University of Arkansas. Eventually, his task of shaping young athletes brought him to the NFL, where he was able to serve in the big leagues.

From the Atlanta Falcons to the Miami Dolphins, he left an imprint on every team he graced. However, it was his tenure with the Green Bay Packers that truly defined his career. Joining the Packers in 1999 as offensive line coach under Head Coach Ray Rhodes and later under Mike Sherman, he continued to help the Packers regain their lost glory.

Interestingly, Beightol became a part of the rich locker room culture cultivated by Sherman, as he helped inject optimism into the team and fans. At the same time, he even helped build one of the strongest o-lines comprising notable names like Brett Favre and Ahman Green. Yet, once 2006 came along, Mike McCarthy became the new head coach and Beightol had to end his stint with the Green Gang.

Even in the face of adversity, Beightol refused to give up on what he loved doing the most. While 2006 was marked by coaching changes and challenges, he transitioned to the Detroit Lions, where he continued to train a new generation of athletes under the leadership of Head Coach Rod Marinelli.

Eventually, in a mark of respect fitting his illustrious career, Beightol was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame and the Catawba College Sports Hall of Fame with a legacy that will definitely inspire generations to come.

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