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Mike Florio Claims Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Are in an Unspoken Race Where the Colts Legend Is Far Ahead of the Game

Sauvik Banerjee

Mike Florio Claims Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Are in an Unspoken Race Where the Colts Legend Is Far Ahead of the Game

By the look of it, it seems that Tom Brady is winning in life after retirement. Making starring appearances in events and owning several sports teams, Brady is certainly fishing in different ponds. However, as suggested by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Peyton Manning is far ahead of the curve.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two names that often appear when speaking of fierce rivals on the gridiron. And though Brady might have won in the NFL, Florio feels Peyton Manning is leading in life after football.

“Even though they won’t admit it, he’s [Tom Brady] in competition with Peyton Manning to see who can make the most money off the field to buy a team first,” Florio speculated. “And I think Manning is far ahead of the game; this Omaha Productions thing is a freaking gold mine. It’s a platinum mine. It’s gonna get him there before Brady gets to where he’s trying to go.”

Florio had a strong feeling that the two former QBs were in a race to one-up each other even in their post-football careers. He also stated how Peyton Manning is in a far more stable spot to achieve the goal of owning an NFL team, courtesy of his Omaha Productions. Meanwhile, Brady is relying on ventures like the GROAT (Netflix Roast) to close up on the massive net worth needed.

Mike Florio Believes Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast Had a Hidden Reason Behind It

Tom Brady’s Netflix roast was widely seen as a way of humanizing the greatest football player of all time. However, Florio saw what others couldn’t.

“TB12 fizzled out, his Brady Brand fizzled out. He’s been folded into No Bull,” Florio further said. “And whatever he’s been making up for Fox, if he ultimately does show up to call games, it’s not gonna be the kinda cash he’s gonna need to buy a team someday… I think this whole roast thing isn’t part of humanizing Tom Brady. I think it’s part of Tom Brady making as much money as he can.”

Tom Brady is more of a brand than just a former football player. Using his stature as one of the most influential football players of all time, Brady launched several businesses during his time in the league. However, as stated by Florio, none were as successful as Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions.

As Brady joked during his roast that Manning would forever be under his shadows as a QB, it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious in life outside of football.

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