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“Miss It Too Much”: A Decade Ago, Travis Kelce Had Professed His Love for Hockey With a Promise to ‘Change’ Status Quo

Aditya Rajput

“Miss It Too Much”: A Decade Ago, Travis Kelce Had Professed His Love for Hockey With a Promise to ‘Change’ Status Quo

Travis Kelce has positioned himself as one of the best tight ends in the NFL. However, before he became a football star, Kelce had a noticeable passion for ice hockey. Even now, the tight end loves being around the sport and was recently photographed at the Stanley Cup playoffs. Interestingly, this appearance immediately revived his decade-old tweet, in which he expressed his love for the sport.

Right after the conclusion of the 2013 season, Travis Kelce took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and shared his deep yearning for ice hockey. He noted dedicating 8 years of his life to the sport but admitted to not having stepped on the ice since he quit. However, he did express a desire for change, claiming that he missed it quite a bit.

“I really love Hockey… I haven’t stepped on the ice since I quit after playing 8 years… But that’s got to change! I miss it too much,” Kelce tweeted.

Before the tight end got fully involved in football, he and his brother both played ice hockey in their school days. For the 8 long years that Travis skated on ice, he showed a lot of promise.

Their father even believed that the brothers could have gone pro if they had chosen that path. And since his pro-football career has started, the tight end has given subtle nods to the sport. Moreover, after securing his third championship, Killa Trav drank beer off of the Lombardi trophy, mimicking the ice hockey tradition of drinking out of the cup.

It’s also worth mentioning that the star tight end regularly attends important games to showcase his support for his favorite team. In fact, his support for the Dallas Stars in the playoffs even got the attention of his QB teammate, Patrick Mahomes, who promptly initiated a banter session online.

Patrick Mahomes Calls Out Travis Kelce on X

Travis Kelce was recently spotted at the arena where the Dallas Stars were playing against the Edmonton Oilers. They were playing in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup. As the pictures of the tight end at the arena went viral, Mahomes took to Twitter (X) to poke fun at his teammate. Without mincing words, he wrote,

“Yo get out of my arena!! (Travis Kelce) go Dallas Stars !!!”

True to his roots, the two-time MVP has been a staunch supporter of Dallas-based teams—whether it’s the Mavericks for basketball or the Stars for ice hockey. So Mahomes felt territorial and jokingly urged Kelce to get out of ‘his’ arena.

Kelce, however, clapped back with a dig of his own, reminding his QB teammate that he has never even played ice hockey. ” gotta love playoff hockey baby!!! You’ve never even skated!” wrote the star tight end in his tweet.

All in all, the brilliant duo from the Chiefs were showcasing their love for the game and their respective teams. On top of that, fans sure enjoyed their brief banter session online.

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