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Move Over Patrick Mahomes; Travis Kelce Assesses New Chiefs QB Carson Wentz

Ayush Juneja

Move Over Patrick Mahomes; Travis Kelce Assesses New Chiefs QB Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, after having played for a long time with Jason Kelce, will share the locker room with his younger brother. Playing the role of Patrick Mahomes’ backup quarterback.

The former Eagles shot-caller comes with a pedigree and a certain reputation. Wentz becomes the fourth player to share the field with both Jason and Travis Kelce.

The OTA’s have progressed into the third stage and Travis finally joined the team practice after enjoying the Kelce Jam.

During the recent episode of the New Heights podcast, the Chiefs Tight End talked about his first day of the OTA, all the things he noticed and the progress new players have been making in his absence.

During the segment, Jason asked his brother about his impression of his former teammate Wentz. Assessing him, 3-time Super Bowl found Wentz to be a driven and challenging player who carries himself well.

Seeing him making throws, has convinced the Tight End that he will fit Andy Reid’s system and can learn a lot from Reid. Travis said,

“Me, Carson and Pat all went out to play some golf. Just got to know him a little bit more. He’s going to be a great addition to the locker room and this team. He is very motivated, locked in competitor and you can tell by the way he carries himself, that he’s going to be ready if his number is ever called. Seeing him sling the ball around, you can see, how good he is and he’s had an unbelievable amount of success”.

The Chiefs have sparingly used backup QBs ever since Mahomes became a starter. Backup QBs have played only 4 games in the past 6 seasons.

The last time they relied on backup was when their starter Len Dawson started got injured during the 1969 Super Bowl-winning season. Mike Livingston and Jacky Lee played 7 games when Dawson got injured at the start of the season.

Travis Kelce attending his OTA practice was left impressed by what he saw on the practice field.

Travis Kelce Calls Chiefs, a “Fine-Tuned Athletic Machine”

The Chiefs have started the OTAs on the right foot and as per Kelce, the players look sharp and ready to compete. During the new episode of New Heights, Travis talked about showing up for the first time at OTAs after Kelce Rager.

He stated that he got to interact with rookies and new players. When Jason asked him, if anything stood out, Travis asserted that the Chiefs looked ready to get down to business. He further stated that everyone looked meaner and fitter and playing without any pads, the players showed their agility and speed. It was great to see Marquise Brown practising with Mahomes for the first time in a Chiefs jersey.

He also watched the Chief’s new draft signing, Tight End Jared Wiley practice and interacted with him to know how much progress he has been making. Travis said,

” Got to say hello to the gang, got to meet a lot of the rookies for the first time, a lot of new players we signed. It was just good to get back into the building and on the practice field. It was offence vs defence on a few occasions, 7v7s. I don’t want to get anybody excited right now, but we looked like a fine-tuned athletic machine right now. Guys are flying around.”

The Chiefs’ players appear to be enjoying the practices and look sharp as videos of OTAs surface on social media.

Here is Rashee Rice back in the practice field-

International pathways player, Louis Ree Zammit catching passes-

New Chiefs backup QB Carson Wentz in action-

The Chiefs are preparing well for what could be a historic season for them. The Chiefs have shored up their offence after struggling last season, adding fast deep ball threats in Brown and Worthy.

Spagnuolo is still there to get the best out of players on the roster. Offense is always ready, defense is an established star. Kansas City Chiefs seem to be well-positioned to do the three-peat.

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Ayush Juneja


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