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“My Phone Explodes”: Caleb Williams Was Bobbing His Head & Listening to Drake When the ‘Justin Fields Trade’ News Broke


Ryan Leaf Fears the Bears Will Set Caleb Williams Up for an "Absolute Failure" in His Rookie Year

At this point, it’s practically set in stone that Caleb Williams is going to Chicago. The first indication was, of course, the fact that the Bears have the first overall pick in the draft. Things only solidified from there when the team traded away their QB Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the off-season.

Four days before Caleb Williams’ pro day and three weeks before his visit to the Bears, Fields was traded to the Steelers for a conditional 2025 sixth-round pick, a move Williams thought was “unexpected.” The message was clear: he’s not their plan B, he’s their only plan.

Talking about what he was doing when he got the news of Fields’ trade, Caleb revealed on the Pivot Podcast,

“I was in the car. I was driving to a business meeting. I’m listening to music. I’m bobbing my head. I probably got on Drake. I’m chilling. I’m in West Hollywood driving to a business meeting and all I see is my phone explodes…I pick up my phone, and it’s going off.”


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The team didn’t have his medical records yet, nor had he even started his top-30 visit, but it seemed Caleb Williams’s future had been decided for him.

“I end up calling a couple people and was just like, ‘Welp, we know where their mind and heart is at in this instance.’ Let’s prepare and get ready and handle things accordingly and still do our due diligence on the situation and things like that. In that moment, it was kind of like, ‘Wow’…But it was interesting right then in that moment because it was just so unexpected in that instance.”

The Bears clearly are very serious about drafting Williams, with only good things having come out of the Chicago camp. When Caleb finally did make it to Chicago on his top-30 visit, the top management was all but gushing about the QB. Caleb Williams knows where he is going as he starts of his NFL career, and he also knows what he wants out of the rest of his time in the big leagues.

Caleb Williams Wants to Replicate Tom Brady’s Success

As he gets ready to settle down in the windy city, his vision is clear. The young star QB wants to spend his entire career with one team, a feat many players aspire to but aren’t able to manage, especially as QBs. Also much like other QBs, Caleb Williams wants to not only walk in the footsteps of the legendary Tom Brady but to also overdo him. He said,

“I want to play in one place for 20 years and chase one guy, No. 12. I want a place that loves ball. That’s all I’ve heard about Chicago so far.”

To add to that, Williams wants 8 rings, just one above Brady’s. While the USC alum might have the raw talent to achieve that, he forgets he will be competing against a player who has already established himself as Brady’s successor. At least, the competition between the two will bring some much-needed excitement and rivalry to the gridiron.

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