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New England Patriots Offensive Coach Reveals Topmost Priority in Drake Maye’s Development

Ayush Juneja

New England Patriots Offensive Coach Reveals Topmost Priority in Drake Maye’s Development

The Patriots have adopted a collective approach and are easing the transition of their new star franchise QB, Drake Maye, from college to the NFL. As per Pats offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, Maye has been progressing well, and while he has a long road ahead of him, he is already ahead of the curve.

However, there is one aspect of his game on which they are focusing, something that most college QBs struggle with when they transition to the big league. During his first presser since the draft, Van Pelt asserted that they are helping their star QB learn how to call plays from the huddle, a concept unknown to many college shot-callers.

Maye has been working on his pocket movement as well, given that their offensive game depends on a quick release and passing rhythm.

“He’s been impressive. He’s taking everything from the classroom; everything from our individual periods,” Van Pelt said. “And he’s applying into the team drills. He has been impressive so far. You know, the biggest thing that we are working on with him right now; calling plays from the huddle, which is new to a lot of these college guys.”

Van Pelt also applauded Maye for being able to incorporate “playing in rhythm and in time with your feet,” which, according to the offensive coordinator, is the biggest stride the rookie has made during the OTAs.

Notably, New England’s QB room is full of talents this off-season. Furthermore, since the start of OTAs, the competition among these quarterbacks has been exceptional. Jacoby Brissett, Maye, Joe Milton, and even Bailey Zappe, are all fighting for the starting role; however, as per Van Pelt, Jacoby has been leading the pack, playing the role of his veteran mentor.

He has taken other guys under his wing, teaching them how to play QB in pro football. Ja’Von Baker is another rookie who has impressed despite still learning how to be a wideout in a huddle system.

The play-calling and verbiage are something Baker is trying to understand, though he has shown his ability to run routes and win contested catches. However, third-year QB Bailey Zappe is facing tough competition and may be at risk of being cut before training camp.

Is Drake Maye Surpassing Bailey Zappe?

Jacoby Brissett has remained in the pole position during practice, getting the majority of reps with the first-teamers. Interestingly, however, Maye has pushed his way to the 2nd spot in that QB room. During the last few OTA practices, he had been behind experienced Bailey Zappe, however, the former NC State shot-caller has finally started to show everyone why he was picked third overall.

As per Mass Live, Maye trailed Zappe in the first two open practices but moved up to second place during their final OTA practice on Tuesday, being surpassed only by Brissett during the 11-on-11s. His performances were noticed by Van Pelt, who is keen on moving him up the depth chart.

Nonetheless, Maye still has much room for improvement and may need to sit behind Brissett for a year. Zappe, after falling behind him, would probably be released in July. The Pats also have Joe Milton on their roster.

No one expects the Patriots to make the playoffs in their rebuilding year. However, 7-8 wins might be doable. If they are out of playoff contention by week 15, Drake might get to start 2-3 games at the end. A win or two under his belt will be a confidence booster when he takes over the starting role in 2025.

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