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New England Patriots QB Update: Brissett, Zappe, Maye & Milton Fighting Everyday for Top Job

Ayush Juneja

New England Patriots QB Update: Brissett, Zappe, Maye & Milton Fighting Everyday for Top Job

In the post-Brady era, the Patriots struggled quite a bit in the QB room, which eventually led to the departure of Mac Jones and the selection of Drake Maye third overall, who could potentially be their franchise QB for years to come. The club, however, isn’t rushing the process and recently named veteran Jacoby Brissett as the starter. But according to him, there is still competition for that elusive QB1 spot.

Following Thursday’s practice, Jacoby Brissett appeared before the media and dove deep into the QB room competition. He asserted that it is a good sign when everyone wants to compete for a coveted position, which he, Bailey Zappe, Drake Maye, and Joe Milton are currently engaged in.

Brissett, however, insisted that competition is a healthy thing in any position. It’s the lack of such an environment that spells trouble for any franchise when no one wants to start. Jacoby is here to play, and so are the others.

“That’s the thing, everybody in the room is talking, me, Drake, and Joe and you got a guy that has started in the NFL and won games. He is not a slouch. I think the good thing about our room is, honestly everybody wants to be the guy and everyone’s competing to be that guy,” Brissett said. “That’s what you want. If none of us wanted to play, then our room would be messed up.”

While New England moved away from Jones, they still have Bailey Zappe, who started six games last season. To create more competition for years to come, they also drafted former Volunteers QB Joe Milton, besides Maye. It seems the Pats are not taking any chance on relying on a sole player as they did with Jones.

While Brissett, being a vet, might get a first shot at QB1, his statements in the press about competition made fans believe there could be someone else assuming the reins.

Fans Predict the Patriots QB1 Despite Jacoby Brissett Being in Pole Position

As soon as clips of Brissett’s interview surfaced online, the majority of fans, under the comments, asserted that the only QB worthy of being a starter is Maye. Others believe that Brissett and Drake should be the two on the roster, and Zappe shouldn’t even be near that QB room.

Few pointed out that in this competition if the former Tar Heels shot-caller doesn’t win the starting job, the Patriots are in trouble. Some even praised Jacoby for his professionalism and asserted that he has proven himself to be a great addition to the team. See for yourselves:

Another chimed in and added,

A fan quipped,

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Others said,

Fans and pundits alike have the same sentiment: Bailey Zappe will definitely get cut come July. While the competition for places is healthy, it can also be counterproductive sometimes. T

Every QB who comes to the NFL thinks they deserve to be a starter, but it’s up to the organization to give them a reality check. Jacoby Brissett understands that reality and has served as a backup throughout his career. Milton and Zappe need to grasp this, as it would be unwise not to start a QB like Maye, whom the franchise drafted 3rd overall.

He might not get the job at the start of the season, which is a good thing. Every player needs time to adapt, and there is a learning curve. But as the season progresses, the Patriots would obviously like to see what Maye has under his sleeves.

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