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Newly Signed Raven Derrick Henry Responds to Popular Opinion About 30 Year Old Running Backs

Anushree Gupta

NFL Free Agency 2024: Derrick Henry Plans to Add Serious Horsepower to One Lucky Winner

Derrick Henry was the center of the Ravens and Titans conversations last year, with rumors swirling around his acquisition. In a recent update, Henry made his way to the Baltimore Ravens with a two-year deal worth $16 million. But with acquiring a 30-year-old also come his strengths and weaknesses wrapped in hope and doubts. Considering his place in the Ravens as a newcomer, Henry took charge of the narrative surrounding him as he joined his No. 1 choice in the offseason.

Appearing on the ‘Rich Eisen Show‘, Derrick Henry engaged in a conversation with the host, who asked his thoughts about getting ‘tread on his tires that are a little bit worn’. Replying to Eisen, Henry accepted that this might be a talking crop for the people opposing new beginnings for someone well-fitted in a team for eight years.

“I mean people have always have something to say, people always going to talk,” said Derrick.

According to Derrick, the solution lies in keeping trust in his training and leaving the rest on time.

“I just trust in my training and what I do and let it show once that time comes,” claimed the running back, adding, “I’m interested in going out there and making stuff happen, putting the work in doing everything that’s required to be a great player in this league and be a consistent player and then let it show on when that time comes.”

Derrick Henry has been a consistent force in the NFL, despite what the doubts about his age suggest. In 2023 alone, Henry made NFL history by becoming the first player to have at least 20 touches with less than 15 scrimmage yards. Additionally, Henry is a four-time Pro Bowler, and accolades like two-time NFL rushing yards leader and two-time NFL rushing touchdowns leader, make him one of the most eligible running backs for the Ravens’ offense.

Though the conversation of who could be a perfect fit for Derrick Henry has ended after his recent contract, his compatibility with the Dallas Cowboys remains one of the most intriguing topics. The running back was a dream companion for the Cowboys for not only adding more firepower to their offense but also for the ease of logistics. As a matter of fact, Henry stays and practices in Dallas during the offseason, making it a perfect place for him to navigate his seasons.

Derrick Henry Talks About the Cowboys Situation

However, Jerry Jones‘ led Cowboys have been particularly dormant during the offseason, giving rise to many doubts for the America’s Team’s fanbase. This dormancy also stopped the Cowboys from extending an offer to Derrick Henry, as revealed by him on the ‘The Rich Eisen’ podcast.

“Did the Cowboys never ring your phone up?” asked Eisen, as Henry answered, “That never happened, never happened which I’m not mad.”

Derrick Henry also reiterated that he is happy with the way things worked since the Ravens were his top choice in the league. However, it could be a matter of heartbreak for the Cowboys’ fans who saw their Super Bowl dreams shatter for the 29th year. Moreover, Henry’s induction could be a blessing for the Ravens for their love of running the ball and for Henry himself, who wanted to fit next to Lamar Jackson under John Harbaugh’s culture.

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