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NFL Pro Bowl Voting: Where to Vote For Your Favorite NFL Players?

Ashish Priyadarshi

NFL Pro Bowl Voting: Where to Vote For Your Favorite NFL Players?

NFL Pro Bowl Voting has started, but where can you vote for players? Read more to find out about Pro Bowl voting info and more.

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NFL Pro Bowl Voting Website

You can vote your favorite NFL players into the Pro Bowl by visiting the personal website of the NFL Pro Bowl. The link to that site can be found here.

Additionally, voters must create sign in or create an NFL account to cast their votes. For each skill position (offense, defense, and special teams), a user is allowed to vote for up to six players.

How Will The NFL Pro Bowl Look This Year?

The NFL had scheduled to hold the 2021 Pro Bowl in the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL is instead opting for a week-long virtual event.

This includes the players going head-to-head on Madden 21 as the marquee event. EA has teamed up with the NFL to host a set of virtual match-ups, with the best players competing in the main Madden 21 game. That game will feature the official Pro Bowl rosters.

This is what Peter O’Reilly, the executive vice president of club business and league events at the NFL had to say about the event:

“We’re excited to bring this to life virtually and be the first to do so. It’s an opportunity to connect with young fans in a way that’s really accessible.”

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Who Leads Voting Right Now?

Thus far, here are the top five vote getters in the NFL:

Of course, it is no surprise to see Mahomes topping the list as he is also the favorite for the NFL MVP award. Surprisingly, Derrick Henry doesn’t show up in the top five but Dalvin Cook does.

Further details about when the official rosters will be announced will be updated later. For now, it is exciting to see who’s voted in and who isn’t.

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