NFL Trade 2022: The Top Trades Of The 2022 NFL Trade Deadline

Suyash Deep Sinha
|Published 02/11/2022

Trade deadlines always put a sport into another gear for everyone involved in the sport, whether it’s a player, a team, a franchise owner, or fans. Especially on the deadline, things are even more exciting.

The NFL Trade Deadline for this year has just passed, and we have seen some of the craziest trades yet. The number of trades made on the day of the deadline, Tuesday, before the 4 p.m. ET cutoff, was 12, which is a record. Not only were many deals made, but there were also several blockbuster moves

If we discuss the top Trades this year, Christian McCaffery will be the first to be mentioned.

With McCaffrey, the Panthers put in a big ask and initially demanded more than they ultimately got. That’s usually how these deals work out. And even though it’s difficult to accept, their only option at this point was to expedite another lost season.

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Other Top Trades

T.J. Honkenson

T.J. Hockenson, a Pro Bowl tight end, is traded by the Lions to the Vikings in exchange for draft picks. With the unexpected arrival of Hockenson, the Lions and Vikings have now traded within their division twice this season.

Chase Claypool

Finally, the Bears have brought in a wide receiver for Justin Fields. Chicago made a splash by acquiring Chase Claypool from the Steelers hours before the 2022 NFL trade deadline, after settling for mid-level free agents this offseason.

Bradley Chubb

After entering the season with injury concerns and a streak of 10 games without a sack, Denver made the smart move by moving Chubb. Chubb notched two sacks in the season opener and now has 5.5 for the year.

Roquan Smith

Smith’s departure hurts because he was a star who was a homegrown talent, but he hinted at it in August when he and the Bears couldn’t agree on a new contract. Additionally, Baltimore’s risk in this trade exists. But if Smith can improve this defence in the closing stages, it might succeed.

 Calvin Ridley

It’s difficult to judge this trade at this point because it depends on a number of factors, including when Ridley returns to the field, his playing time, and whether or not he signs a long-term contract with Jacksonville. This is the most surprising trade following the Ridley betting controversy.

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