Carlos Dunlap: Seahawks trade for Bengal’s edge rusher Carlos Dunlap

Kartik Mathur
|Published 28/10/2020

NFL trade News : Seahawks finally did it. Pass rush has been their weakest area on the team, with Carlos Dunlap they can finally start creating pressure.

Trade details

Carlos Dunlap wanted to be traded and he’s gotten his wish true. The trade isn’t official yet, but the Seahawks will be trading away a 7th round draft pick, along with center B.J Finney

What Carlos Dunlap adds to the Seahawks defensive line?

Dunlap will now be playing alongside newly added Damon Harrison. Both of these players can make the difference for Seattle’s defensive line and can finally start generating pressure.

Dunlap will be rotating with the Seahawks other edge rushers: LJ. Collier, Benson Mayowa, Rasheem Green and more. This immediately boosts Seahawks chances to make it to the SuperBowl, and makes them solid competitors.

Why Dunlap wanted to leave the Bengals?

Dunlap was frustrated with his playing time with the Bengals. He currently has just 1 sack, but has played a very limited amount of snaps. He has been demanding for more playing time. With the Seahawks, he can possibly be the starter.

Dunlap and Damon Harrison can now create an elite defensive line. Seahawks can maybe, finally solve their biggest area of weakness. Dunlap will mostly be playing in week 9, against the Buffalo Bills.

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