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NFL VP Claims “Bellcow” Kansas City Chiefs Received a Punishment in Disguise

Ayush Juneja

NFL VP Claims "Bellcow" Kansas City Chiefs Received a Punishment in Disguise

The NFL recently released the schedule for the upcoming 2024-25 season, sparking widespread discussions among fans. Many believe that the Kansas City Chiefs’ schedule is less challenging compared to other teams. Analysts have rated their schedule in the middle of the pack, noting that teams like the Browns, the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Packers, among others, face tougher challenges.

However, NFL VP Mike North gave a different perspective during his appearance on Adam Schefter’s podcast. North argued that the Chiefs might actually have one of the toughest schedules in the league, playing six days of the week. However, he expects them to be in the playoffs anyway, because “good teams find a way”.


The Chiefs’ schedule is demanding: they play every day of the week except Tuesday, have three games in 11 days, face short breaks between games, and have a crucial matchup against Buffalo right after their bye week. However, the NFL executive thinks that that’s a price great teams like the Chiefs often have to pay to support the league.

North admitted that the defending champions has been the ‘Bellcow’ of the league for a while now, delivering when needed. Therefore, the NFL is willing to schedule them to play on every holiday on any streaming network to boost the league’s popularity.

He further stated that the Chiefs weren’t surprised by the schedule and the games they will be playing on different national holidays. North said,

” You can give the Chiefs the worst possible schedule and some are saying we did…we may have given the Chiefs the hardest schedule in the league but I suspect they are going to be there come playoff time….They have been our bellcow for a while. They are kind of used to carrying our water for some of these unique kinds of opportunities…Chiefs were not surprised by their national television and some of the windows we decided to use.”


Mike North’s statement about the Chiefs and the difficulty of their schedule received a mixed reaction. Meanwhile, some called out the NFL for using the popularity of Kansas City to boost their viewership.

North’s statement about the Chiefs’ schedule received a mixed reaction

Fans have voiced strong opinions on the Chief’s schedule. One fan slammed the league for allegedly imposing the hardest schedule on the Chiefs, arguing that the league is making it harder for the team to retain their title.

Other fans pointed out the favoritism towards the Chiefs, noting their status as the bellcow. Some acknowledged that despite having one of the toughest schedules, Kansas City is still likely to reach another AFC Championship or achieve a three-peat. Fans said,

Another chimed in and added,

A fan quipped,

A fan wrote,

Someone commented,

Others said,

Dominant teams always find a way to rise to the top. Much like the dynastic teams of previous decades, the Chiefs will likely find a way to make history to get their hands on that Lombardy yet again. However, their task won’t be easy, as many teams have upgraded their squads and off-field issues have plagued Kansas City.

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