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Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Mahomes Approves Taylor Swift’s Strong Message on Tackling the Haters

Suresh Menon

UFC Star Alleges Super Bowl LVIII ‘Rigged’ Links to ‘Satanic Leader’ Taylor Swift Participation in Kansas City Chiefs’ Triumph

The “Blank Space” hitmaker Taylor Swift over the years has managed to create an unrivaled fandom in the name of Swifties. However, the constant spotlight on her has also seen her get trolled, especially for her dancing. But that doesn’t deter her from dancing her heart out, a spirit that Patrick Mahomes’ mother loves.

Randi Mahomes was enamored by Swift’s confidence and shared an interview of the pop star taking criticism about her dancing in stride. She applauded Swift for being true to herself, sharing the reel on her Instagram story with the caption – “I love this! Shake it off girl.”

The said interview was released after Swift’s iconic ‘Shake It Off’ music video, where she famously dances, unlike any other pop star, putting her authentic self on display. While most in her place would try putting out a Music Video with polished dance moves, Swift set herself apart by being her real self.

In the interview, Swift revealed that she shot the music video in that way because she wanted to be real and show people that she accepts herself for the way she dances. She said,

“All over the internet, it was like Taylor Swift looks awkward when she dances. And so the way I handled that criticism is – I wrote a song called “Shake It Off”. And as soon as I wrote the song, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the music video. I knew that I wanted to do an entire music video Of me awkwardly badly dancing…Yeah i do dance awkwardly, and I’m having more fun than you?”

It’s not surprising to see Randi Mahomes being a staunch Taylor Swift supporter. Especially after she revealed earlier this year how Taylor Swift won her heart with her gentle nature.

“She Makes Me Feel Good” – Randi Mahomes is A Huge Taylor Swift Fan

A few months ago, Randi Mahomes appeared on an episode of the “Got It From My Momma” podcast, where she described her affection for the pop icon. As the NFL season inched closer to the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift was a regular in the KC Chiefs box along with Brittany and Randi Mahomes.

The Chiefs QB’s mother revealed on the podcast that Swift is extremely well-mannered and graciously took pictures with fans, even if she was on her way to the bathroom. As per Randi, Taylor made it a point to not disappoint the young girls and fans who came her way for pictures. She revealed,

“She takes a picture with everybody, like, if she’s going to the bathroom… she’s gonna stop for all the little girls, all the kids and I’m like, ‘You go, girl!'” She makes a point, and I’m like, ‘OK, you’ve really got a fan now!'”

Additionally, she highlighted the hospitable nature of Swift as she commended Swift for making everyone feel welcome and comfortable:

“Just because you love my daughter-[in-law] who’s very shy and very quiet and very, you know, doesn’t like attention or anything, she really made sure that she feels good. She makes me feel good!”

So far, we have only heard glowing praises about Taylor Swift and her dynamic with Travis, KC Chiefs players, and family. Kelce seems to have found a keeper in Swift.

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