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“Patrick Mahomes Sat For A Year”: Peyton Manning Gets Real on Broncos Rookie QB Bo Nix

Aditya Rajput

Peyton Manning Busts a Popular Myth About Halftime Adjustments

To sit or the start, that is the question (for rookie QBs). Every team with a newly minted QB is trying to figure out whether the newbie should get on the gridiron right off the bat or learn the ropes from the bench. With three quarterbacks in the Denver Broncos QB room, new draftee Bo Nix’s first season could go either way. But for those asking, Broncos legend, Peyton Manning had his own experience to share.

While on the Denver Sports Show, the hosts discussed and decoded what Peyton Manning had advised Bo Nix and the Broncos. The Sheriff mentioned that both routes have merit. Sometimes players who’ve sat on the bench for a season end up learning lessons that one might not be able to pick up on when they’re on the field. He cited an example and said,

“There’s lots of philosophies and debates on whether you sit a rookie or you play him right away. Obviously, Patrick Mahomes sat for a year and then he’s been to I think an AFC Championship every year since.”

However, Manning also cited his own example wherein he had a rookie year that wasn’t the best and how that taught him a lot of things. In his first year, he threw the highest number of interceptions ever thrown by a rookie QB. Despite such a record, the Sheriff picked up multiple experiences and learned that he might not have gotten them if he sat on a bench.

Manning concluded by stating that for a rookie QB, experience becomes the best teacher. For a young rookie like Nix, slinging passes on the gridiron during games could be a better learning experience than sitting on the bench, considering too that while the QB room might be full, it’s not exactly loaded with experience.

However, he stated that the decision belongs to Sean Payton and that the HC will choose wisely. Moreover, Manning is not the only one discussing this dilemma. There were analysts on the DNVR podcast who spoke about the Broncos’ QB dilemma.

DNVR Podcast Hosts Agree With Peyton Manning

While on the podcast, the hosts spoke about the unique position the Broncos are in right now. With a new star QB in Bo Nix, they have a chance to turn things over a new leaf. The analysts all had an agreement on how the QB should go forward. While speaking on the podcast, they mentioned how learning from the bench could be useful.

A rookie could learn a lot from a future HOFer QB. There could even be a formation of mentorship. However, they didn’t think that was the case in Denver.

They all believed that with the way the situation is in Denver right now, it would be better for Nix to take charge. With OTAs and practices starting, Sean Payton is going to have an ample amount of time to decide if Nix deserves to start.

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