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Patrick Mahomes Suggests Netflix Could Consider Travis Kelce Roast Following the Success of Tom Brady Event

Aditya Rajput

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In many ways, Patrick Mahomes has followed in Tom Brady’s footsteps. But he won’t be following the GOAT’s footsteps into a roast. While speaking to Pat McAfee, the QB discussed his idol’s Netflix Roast. He spoke about how brutal the roast seemed for Brady and how he isn’t cut out for it. He, however, had an interesting suggestion on who should definitely go or a roast.

While on McAfee’s podcast, the duo discussed how brutal Brady’s roast got. There were some cheapshot being thrown around and it was wild. Mahomes made it clear that while he enjoyed watching the roast, he would want no part of that for himself. However, he did think his teammate, Travis Kelce would be a good fit. He even said, “They might be able to get Travis, they might be able to get him.”

And truly, with the way Kelce has showcased his humor in the past few years, he would be a brilliant addition to a roast. A roast that includes Travis will definitely include his brother Jason. With the kind of camaraderie they’ve displayed on their podcast, the brothers would be an absolute riot on a roast. Interestingly, they even discussed the possibility of a roast when they were on their show.

Is the Roast of Travis Kelce Next?

While on their podcast, the Kelce brothers discussed the Tom Brady Roast. The two brothers discussed their favorite parts of the roast. While his brother was surprised to see the number of ex-Patriots legends there, Travis had a different highlight. He went gaga over the fact that Brady made such a savage joke about Deflategate and even mentioned Roger Goodell. After laughing at the roast, the brothers talked about the possibility of a Kelce family roast.

While Jason wasn’t able to fathom why someone would want to get roasted, Travis seemed very interested in the idea. He wanted to be part of one that included some of his favorite comedians. Kelce mentioned names like Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, and others for his roast.

He also tipped his hat off to Jeff Ross and his skills as Roastmaster General. All in all, Travis seemed ready for a roast that would involve him. It only remains to be seen if that becomes a possibility in the near future.

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