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Patrick Mahomes uses his $503 million extension to cash in on ‘Uber for the rich’ to ensure his and Brittany Matthews’ comfort

Ashish Priyadarshi

Patrick Mahomes uses his $503 million extension to cash in on 'Uber for the rich' to ensure his and Brittany Matthews' comfort

Patrick Mahomes is one of the biggest faces of the NFL, and he’s also a face for a company that allows him to flex his massove $503 million extension.

The Chiefs quarterback has turned in perhaps the greatest start to an NFL career by any quarterback. In his first full year as a started, Mahomes threw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdown, only the second player ever to do that. That feat earned him the NFL’s MVP award.

He almost went to the Super Bowl as well, stopped by Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Conference Championship. In his next year, Mahomes would not be denied. He took the Chiefs all the way to the Super Bowl and won it while taking home Super Bowl MVP.

In short, in his four years as a starter, Mahomes has been to the Super Bowl twice, won it once, made four straight Conference Championships, made the Pro Bowl four times, and was First-Team AP All Pro once. For just four years in the league as a true starter, that’s ridiculous.

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Patrick Mahomes landed a massive investment to boost his and Brittany Matthews’ comfort

Traveling can be difficult when you’re an NFL star. You’re always in different locations at different times depending on whether it’s the offseason or regular season, and getting from one location to the other can be tough to do very quickly.

That’s why Patrick Mahomes invested in Airshare, a Kansas City based company. Airshare works like a sort of “Uber for the rich” as Mahomes can call a private flight from anywhere at anytime to take him to whatever city he needs to be at.

Mahomes signed the deal, and he’s thrilled to be part of such a company. He’s very happy with the service he’s been given even when he’s pushed the company to their limit.

“I put a lot of pressure on [Airshare] sometimes,’’ Mahomes explained. “Same day stuff. It makes it hard on them sometimes, but that’s how life rolls sometimes. They make it happen. There’s never a point where I’m in trouble or get stranded somewhere I don’t need to be.’’

Mahomes is also planning to use the jet to study film transforming one of the several airplanes he has at his disposal into a film room to completely concentrate on the game.

Mahomes can also bring his family on the flights, so Brittany Matthews is definitely a part of the whole thing. If he wants, he can also call his dogs in.

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