Peyton Manning’s baseball-related investment in $1.5 billion company can make him a very rich man

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 03/09/2022

Peyton Manning has amassed a massive amount of wealth through his NFL stint. Moreover, his net worth might spike even further because of a baseball-related investment.

Peyton Manning is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. Nicknamed “The Sheriff,” Peyton achieved a lot in his almost two decade long career.

Although he was with the Broncos for four years, the 14-year stint he had with the Indianapolis colts really established him as one of greats of the game.

The two-time Super Bowl champion was also showered with heaps of cash in his career. Named the most valuable player of the league on record five occasions, Manning currently has a massive net worth of $250 million.

Moreover, apart from the money he made by playing in the NFL, Peyton has also earned big through all the brands he has been associated with.

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Peyton Manning seems to have a lot of expectations from the sports NFT market

As it turns out, his net worth might boom once again and reach great heights because of the investment he made last year. As reported by CNBC, an NFT company named Candy Digital raised as much as $100 million from a number of influential investors and organizations.

Peyton Manning was among the ones who showed faith in the company. Candy Digital gained enormous success with the NBA product and their vision has been to replicate the magic with MLB.

Reportedly, the MLB gave their entire digital catalogue to Candy Digital paving the way to the creation of rare collectible NFTs of all time greats.

The product is innovative and has got immense potential as in super quick time, the world has moved leaps and bounds in terms of technology. This is probably why Manning went ahead and invested in this NFT-related venture that is already valued at $1.5 billion.

Peyton has been involved with a number of brands like Nike, Gatorade, MasterCard, Direct TV and more throughout his career. In fact, he also owned 31 outlets of famous pizza chain called Papa John’s at one time.

However, just before NFL ended its partnership with the pizza restaurant chain, Manning sold all of the Papa John’s establishments.

As far as Peyton’s investment in Candy Digital is concerned, it seems to be a massively promising one. Although the sports NFT market has just started, it has already achieved great heights and is expected to rake in even more profits in the future.

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