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Peyton Manning Once Famously Announced His Love for Rom-Com ‘Emily in Paris’ on National Television

Aayush Shah

Peyton Manning was heartbroken when he couldn't cameo in Emily in Paris, season 3

The NFL 2022 season has finally come to an end. With Kansas taking home the Super Bowl trophy, Patrick Mahomes and his boys will have a lot to celebrate. As they begin their off-season with a lot of partying, the NFL athletes can’t shy away from the spotlight.

Travis Kelce has been in hot demand ever since winning the Vince Lombardi trophy and the Chiefs’ tight end is off to a busy off-season. Having already been featured on the Jimmy Fallon show, Kelce has also found himself a seat on SNL. He will now rub shoulders with NFL royalty, Peyton Manning, as one of the few NFL athletes to have hosted the show.

Kelce will make his debut on the show on March 4 alongside musician Kelsea Ballerini. The natural entertainer is set to take the TV show by storm as he prepares to be all-out entertainment for his fans.

If he is anything close to his victory parade self, the TV show is all set for a spectacle. While we await the Kelce takeover, a certain appearance from Peyton Manning will remind fans of what a laugh riot to expect on SNL come March 4.

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Peyton Manning with a shocker on SNL

As Peyton Manning took to sets of SNL, he took on a very different role. The legendary quarterback surprised fans by unleashing the comic in him. While his wit was known to most of his fans, this kind of comedy had very rarely been on display. Manning discussed a Rom-Com Netflix show on SNL. He started off by saying he missed the playoff actions because he was busy binge-watching Emily in Paris. While he was brought on to the show to discuss all things NFL, Manning discussed all things, Emily. 

This was a shocker to everyone as he continued building on his passion for the show. He ignored the names of Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes like they were regular school boys. However, he seemed to have been more excited about the boys in Emily’s life on the show. Even when he was questioned about Tom Brady’s future, he alluded to a reference to the show to explain the conflict. Peyton Manning even broke down Emily’s conflicts in the form of an NFL play.

The NFL legend seemed to have really spent his time analyzing the show. He even concluded by saying, “Watching football was what people expected me to do but if I have learned anything from Emily, it’s to follow my passions and always be true to myself.” He then ended his monologue by saying, “I don’t speak French, but thanks to Emily I speak love.” 

With all of that coming from Peyton Manning, SNL fans will definitely not know what to expect from Travis Kelce. Will the Chiefs’ tight end continue on this love and go off about the show’s third season? Or will he have another curve ball ready?

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